Jean Currivan Trebek, age 50, has been an enigmatic figure all her life despite being married to one of the biggest showmen in the entertainment industry. However, despite remaining behind the prying lenses of Hollywood camera's she has an active role in taking care of her husband's business.

Her 28-year-old married life with Jeopardy host, Alex Trebek is a rare success story, in a day and age when Hollywood is plagued by divorces and rumors of separations.

White Is The New Black: Jean and her husband, Alex arrived at the 38th Daytime Award Show in Las Vegas on June 19, 2017 (Photo:

Here, we have highlighted few fascinating wikis on her as we try to explore her relationship with the members of her family, along with her age, married life and a hefty net worth she shares with husband, Alex.

1. Jean Currivan Trebek's Bio: Age, First Date With Husband-To-Be

Jean was born in September of 1963. Raised up in Huffington, NY little info has been shed to her early life and family members. 

She met her husband, Alex Trebek at a party in 1988 and felt an instant connection. At the time, she was working as a real estate project manager. After the party, Alex invited her to his home for a dinner, and Jean recollected about the dinner date in 1990 saying she was so nervous that she could not even spell her name. 

However, the man who hosted the Jeopardy with 'Iron Fists' is a big softie inside, with Jean finding him down to earth and humble.

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2. Married Alex Trebek Despite Age Difference Of 24 Years 

After two years of dating, despite the age difference of 24 years, they tied the knot in 1990 in L.A.’s Regency Club in a wedding attended by 150 guests. At the time of their marriage, Jean was just 26 years of age, while her husband had already passed 50 springs.

Before their wedding, she and her husband bought a 35-acre property to build their dream home.

Despite that being her first marriage, Her husband was previously married to Elaine Callie for seven years with no children.

3. Married Life With Husband And Two Children 

In 1990, Jean gave birth to a baby boy, Matthew. Three years later, their growing family saw an addition after they were blessed with a baby girl, Emily.

Emily graduated from Loyola Marymount University in 2015. She’s a licensed architect. Following her mother’s footstep, she has now got into real estate.

Her son, Matthew is a Fordham University alum opened a restaurant at age 25 on Amsterdam, few blocks away from his $1.92 million townhouse. The million dollar pad was reported to be a gift from his father, Alex.

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Apparently, Jane owns a share of her son’s business, having invested her money in it. It's not just money she has invested in her children as she has helped them in their big decisions whether that be on her daughter's real state career or her son's hotel biz.

4. Net Worth: 50 Million Dollars Empire Looked Over By Jane

With her background in real estate, one can’t help but assume that her net worth mostly comprises property and land holdings.

One of her shabbiest real estate deal occurred in 2018 when the Trebek family pocketed 4 million dollars after they sold their 5,5554-square-foot home in the Hollywood Hills.

$4 Million Richer: The Mulholland estate was put back in the market in 2013  (Photo: Zillow)

Her husband Alex Trebek has been hosting game shows since 1966 and as one of the highest paid anchors in TV has earned a fortune through it. Alex has a net worth of 50 million dollars; his TV gigs contributing a significant portion of it.

With financial ruins becoming the norm in Hollywood, Alex has had his fortune preserved, not just preserved but multiplied all thanks to his wife Jane's financial acumen. Nobody can say for sure that Alex would be as rich as he is today without the continuous watch of Jane over his finances.