American political analyst Gianno Caldwell provided subtle hints about him being in a relationship. However, every choice he made as his girlfriend were unconventional leading to strong rumors about his sexuality. 

Founder of Caldwell Strategic Consultancy, Gianno has held a role on behalf of a member of Congress as well as positions at the federal, state and local levels. Other than that, he is also an in-demand political analyst. He gives his unique perspective and analysis to national media outlets on Fox News channel, Fox Business channel, CNN, and One American News Network.

The born and bred Chicagoan is a vocal critic of Rahm Emanuel, the mayor of Chicago and has time and again accused him of just preaching Black Lives Matter and not acting accordingly. He was back in the news in the wake of shootings across Chicago at the first weekend of August 2018 and claimed that for the mayor only black votes mattered and not their lives. 

Gianno Caldwell's Bio: Wanted To Be Pastor In Early Age 

Gianno was born and raised on the south side of Chicago, Illinois. As a child, he wanted to become a pastor or an elected official. At a young age of 10, he went to live with his grandmother whom he was very fond of.

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After the completion of high school and college education, he pursued a career in governmental services. 

Gianno started his government career serving as the Director of Government Relations for Naperville Township, a local government agency in Illinois. His primary goal was to develop strategies to cut costs relative to transportation, healthcare, taxes, pensions, and local government. 

From Gianno's success at the local level, he went to serve at the Legislative Liaison to the Illinois State Treasurer.

Caldwell has spent almost two decades providing his expertise, intellect, and skills to causes ranging from his hometown, Chicago, Illinois, to the presidential campaign where he supported Donald Trump's campaign. However, having seen Trump's divisive reign he has had enough stating that it was a mistake to have supported Trump. 

Gianno Caldwell's TV Stints: Fox News, Extra Tv

The Chicago native after serving in various governmental institutions expanded his bio as a Tv personality after he was signed as a political analyst by FOX. In Fox, he makes regular daytime appearances on Fox Business Network and Fox News Network regularly dissecting the political scenario. 

Not just that, he also serves as a red carpet reporter for the Extra TV and reports from the biggest events in Hollywood, Oscar, Golden Globe, and The BAFTAs. 

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Furthermore, On August 7, 2018, Fox News political analyst Gianno addressed the recent violence in Chicago, saying that the city's mayor has failed to keep its people safe during which 70 people were wounded and 11 were killed. He looked fierce during his reporting because such an incident had happened last year where his brother survived but his best friend died.

Likewise, on the personal front of his life, Gianno has always been reluctant to share his relationship status with the public. All this secrecy has given rise to many rumors questioning his sexuality.

Gianno Caldwell's Take On Girlfriend

Even at the age of 32, this hottie does not have any relationship controversy. Gianno has kept his lips sealed about his relationship status, not letting anyone know if he shares a romantic connection with a girlfriend. 

But he shared a humorous Instagram post about ex-girlfriends on 19 January 2018. He posted a picture depicting that girlfriend after breakups would indulge in backbiting, through a caption: 

 ’Ex-girlfriends be like - I ain’t mad.' 

Gianno Caldwell posts about ex-girlfriends with a humorous caption (Photo credit: Gianno Caldwell 's Instagram)

It seems that he was hinting us about his experiences in his past relationships. However, he has hidden the identities of all his former partners until this date.

But here's the catch. Gianno does have a girlfriend but it's not the one you're thinking of. The exciting thing is that now he calls his Italian 40 caliber gun his girlfriend. He twitted a video during his shoot with his arm on June 11, 2018, along with a long caption that read : 

We HERE! Spending time with my girlfriend. We have been together since 2009 and although I rarely see her our love is as strong as her recoil. My Italian 40 caliber. For those who might be lost my girlfriend is the gun. #gun#NYC #LA #chicago #DC

His sarcastic tweet seems to have confirmed that he is not in a relationship. Whether or not he will actually find a human girlfriend is something we all have to wait and watch.

Gianno Caldwell Sees Friend Get Married, Is He To Follow The Suit?

The Fox employee attended his friend, Tandayi's marriage on 24 August 2018. He looked dapper in a sky blue suit and congratulated his friend and his wife-to-be on getting married. The star looked as if he had a good time seeing his friend getting married, and even posed for pictures with his other friends.

Marriage: Gianno Caldwell with his friend Tandayi at her marriage ceremony (Photo: Gianno's Instagram | August 23, 2018) 

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Seeing him immerse in a wedding left fans wondering if he would follow the suit of his friend by getting himself a wife. 

Does Absence Of Wife Or Relationship Make Him Gay?

His silence regarding his relationship led to fans suspecting his sexual preferences. But no statements relating to this matter has been made by Gianno. This leaves us in a dilemma whether he is gay or a straight man. 

He has mentioned in his social media on multiple occasions about being single, and ready to mingle. However, having not specified the sex of his partner is his looking for, his fans and followers alike have been left wondering if he is looking for a gay partner or a wife. 

Until and unless the hunk comes forward and opens up about his sexual preference the gay rumors show no signs of abating.