American cartoonist Garry Trudeau had married a journalist decades before, and his marriage filled with bliss after having three children with his wife, and success in career. 

The New York native rose to fame after his cartoon strip "Doonesbury" won a Pulitzer Prize for the Best Editorial Cartoon in 1975. He timely hits the headlines for mocking President Donald Trump via his cartoons. 

Book Promotion: Garry talks on writing about Trump, prompting Trump to call him a third-rate talent as he drops sarcastic comments on Trump's ego on Democracy Now! (Published on 5 August 2016)

Garry won a Pulitzer Prize for the cartoon in 1975 and was also nominated for an Oscar in the category of Animated Short Film.       

Garry Trudeau's Bio: Early Life & Illustrating Career

69-year-old Garry Trudeau was born as Garretson Beekman Trudeau on 21st July 1948 in the city of New York, USA. He is the son of Jean Douglas and Francis Berger Trudeau, Jr. and the great-grandson of  Dr. Edward Livingston Trudeau, the person who created Adirondack Cottage Sanitarium at Saranac Lake, New York for the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis.

As for siblings, Garry is the brother of journalist, Michelle Trudeau.

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Garry attended the St.Paul's school in Concord, Hampshire and later earned a Master Of Fine Arts in graphic design from the Yale School of Art. He spent much of his time cartooning and writing for the nation's oldest humor magazine, The Yale Record. Later, he became the editor-in-chief of the magazine and worked there. 

However, in 1970 Garry launched his own comic strip "Doonesbury" and amassed huge acclamation. His strip slowly started garnering attention, and more than 1400 magazines, worldwide syndicated his cartoon.    

Later in 2013, Garry wrote and produced a political sitcom, called Alpha House. Republican senators such as John Goodman and Bill Murray starred in the series that was first aired in April 2013.

Garry's Satirism In His Comics For Donald Trump

While speeding his career in the cartoon world, Garry works on his strip "Doonesbury" for syndicated newspapers to satire on the leading politicians and editors. Garry even doesn't hesitate to share out his opinion regarding President Donald Trump via his cartoons.

Moreover, Garry, who had jokingly predicted Donald Trump to be the president in 1987, even authored a book naming it as, Yuge! 30 Years of Doonesbury on Trump which was published back on 5th July 2016. 

Talking about the book during an interview with the USA TODAY on 14 July 2016, Garry said that the thing he doesn't like about Trump is his cynicism. He quoted that the most prominent con of Trump is that he doesn't know how to respect civilians and love people who support him. 

Moreover, Garry wrote and produced satirical comedy titled Alfa House and Tanner '88. He was nominated for an Oscar in the category of Animated short film in 1977 for his work on A Doonesbury Special and later, the film won the Cannes Film Festival Jury Special Prize in 1978.

With his dedication in his craft, Garry's total net worth, as of now, is estimated to be $40 million, which is equal to the net worth of his wife, Jane. 

Garry Releases Sequel To His Bestselling Book

It was on 18 September 2018 that Garry released his new book, #SAD!: Doonesbury in the Time of Trump, as a sequel to his 2016 bestseller, Yuge!: 30 Years of Doonesbury on Trump. 

His new book is a tragic comedy collection of the first 500 days of Trump's presidency. Despite the fact that Donald Trump has called Garry a third-rate cartoonist, it doesn't help but motivate Garry to throw in more satires on Trump.

In the preface to Garry's new book, he brings up the old Finley Dunne adage about journalism advocacy, how it should afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted.

A satiric tactic that Garry finds particularly fruitful in the mimicking of Donald Trump's tweets and the quite possible challenge of trying to think like the White House and finding the positive spin of words that are indefensible and comedy haiku.

Garry aims at citizens rising every morning in bracing for randomly capitalized, horribly spelled toxic tweeting from the Oval Office, He has given them a tweak at a few hours of not so fitful sleep with his new book. 

Lives In Lavish Mansion At Rockland County

Garry married the CNN journalist Jane Pauley at the age of 32 on 14th June 1980. They together are parents to their three children. Their first twin, Ross, and Rachel were born in 1983, while their third child Thomas was born in the year 1986.

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Garry and his Jane, are two famous public figure. However, the pair has maintained low-keyness in their personal life by keeping their family details under the wrap. Nevertheless, it came to the limelight that the couple bought a lavish house worth $2.3m together at Rockland County in March 2016.

They also owned a co-op at 166 East 61st Street in Lenox Hill for $2.2m in July 2017 with their daughter, Rachel.  So, speculating at their decisions of buying a house together it is quite clear that Garry and Jane are living their old years with all comfort and facilities.

Married & Happy: Garry Trudeau with wife Jane Pauley at the TIME 100 Gala at Lincoln Center, New York on 24th April 2012 (Photo:

Interestingly, the pair even timely attends various events together and clarifies that their marriage is still going strong. One such instance is on 11 February 2018, when the pair together attended that 70th Annual Writers Guild Awards at New York City.

Their public appearance as a couple makes it clear that Gary and Jane's relationship is one of a kind. Their 38-years-old marriage never turned out with the sway of time, and it still is evidently going as strong as ever.