With the fourth season of the medical drama The Good Doctor on-air, the beautiful actress Elfina Luk is back with her portrayal of the wonderful nurse Dalisay Villanueva.

Who is Elfina Luk?

While she has amassed impressive filmography credits to her name, starring in films like Skyscraper (2018) and Sonic The Hedgehog (2020), the Vancouver-based artist has a lot on her belt other than her on-screen allure as an entrepreneur, a loving wife, and a caring mother.

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Apart From Acting, Elfina Luk is Also an Entrepreneur

More than just a pretty face, Luk has been an active contributor to the film community as a producer for over two and a half decades. She boasts over 25 years of experience in running her own business ventures besides being a television actor for fifteen years, according to Linkedin.

Since 2019, Luk has been a partner and COO at Imaginere Entertainment Capital Inc., a Vancouver, Canada-based company that specializes in value entertainment funding for pre-production, budgeting, distribution, and publicity services. She has also been affiliated with the British Columbia-based company since 2019.

In addition to that, she is also the founder of Moment to Moment Pictures, a company that produces narrative and documentary films. 

'Skyscraper' is Luk's Biggest Project To Date

Luk boasts an impressive list of credits on her IMDb page, and rightfully so. She has been a part of sixty-one projects so far as an actor. Besides her well-received role in The Good Doctor, she was also a series regular in iZombie (2018).

After iZombie, Luk bagged her biggest role yet in Skyscraper. In the box office hit action-thriller Skyscraper, she plays Hong Kong police officer, Sergeant Han, in the hunt for Will (The Rock) as the latter tries to infiltrate a burning building to save his family. 

As reported by YVR Screen Scene, with regard to her Skyscraper role, Luk literally cried when she received the news that she would share the screen with Dwane' The Rock' Johnson.

Apart from her exploits in blockbuster movies, Luk has also shown her caliber in more challenging roles. Just recently, she earned the accolade of Best Supporting Performance by a Female in a Motion Picture at Leo Awards for her role in the 2020 thriller film The Curse of Willow Song

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Elfina Luk has Been Married For Eight Years

While Luk is one of those celebrities who prefers to keep her personal life to herself, she doesn't shy away from flaunting her off-screen role as a wife and a loving mother. Even her Instagram bio describes her as a Mother and a Lover, and she does let her fans have a sneak peek into her life every once in a while.

For instance, on January 28, 2019, she posted a picture on her Instagram with the caption, "Happy 7 years my bearded beloved," with a bunch of lovey-dovey emojis. 

Her "bearded beloved" has also made appearances on events such as her birthday this year, which further shows the strength of her eight-year-long relationship with hubby. 

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Luk Has a Daughter Who is Into Acting

In an Instagram post dated December 17, 2017, Luk revealed a picture of her daughter with a caption describing her as a three-year-old. We did the math and as of 2020, Luk's daughter is about eight-years-old.

The post depicted her cute daughter posing for the picture and demonstrated that she had the acting chops like her mother—she was described as being particularly eager upon hearing the word 'action.'

In the caption, Luk also disclosed that she was rehearsing and coaching her daughter for her first Christmas play. 

Luk Likes Celebrating Her Birthday With Family

In an Instagram post dated June 23, 2020, Luk revealed to her fans that her favorite way of celebrating her birthday was with her loved ones, out in nature. She further disclosed that she preferred a trip involving the sun and water.

The post, which came on her birthday, further details how she spent her birthday this year. Apparently, Luk and her family took their boat out to the open waters and went where the waves took them -- eventually landing on a beach where they had lunch. 

Check out the series of photos from that day!


I’ve learned that my favourite way of celebrating my birthday is with my beloveds 💖out in nature, hopefully involving sun☀ï¸Â & water🌊. So we packed our bags and wagon with a “few” things😜, put on our #olukai ‘s “Paws In!” 🤙and hopped in our boat 🚤 and went off for an adventure! We travelled where the waters 🌊took us...sang to the ☀ï¸Âsun gods, let the 🌧rain clouds turn us the other way until we saw an inviting patch of sand ðŸÂÂthat was calling to us...when we did and spotted a deer 🦌amidst the rocks walking towards us, we knew this was our spot😃. We pulled our amazing little boat that lets us beach anywhere and then...we hung out. Had some warm lunchesðŸÂµ, little one kayaked 🛶w her best fur buddy ðŸÂ¶(what could be better than that!) We did some beach hopping and found another great sandy beach so we dipped our bare feet into the water - where I got a gnarly gash 😫 on the bottom of my foot🦶yikes! Maybe not so sandy after all! So that happened and then I felt a few drops of rain 💦and it was time to return homeðŸÂ¡. My birthday is never complete without some tears 😭and this year it was due to the incessant giggling 😂and tears while my dear hubby cleaned the sand out of my wound (apparently giggling hysterically into tears is how I handle pain 🤣). A beautiful dinner🥢and my favourite mango cake🥭ðŸÅ½‚to end the best birthday ever! Thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes everyone...I am feeling the love so abundantly and am extremely grateful for all I have to celebrate. ðŸ™Â🥰My heart is full. ❤ï¸Ââ¤ï¸Ââ¤ï¸Â “Olukai’s for life!” #OHANA 。 。 。 。 。 #beachhopping #birthday #bestbirthdayever #mangocake #freshwhippedcream #bowenisland #deersighting #boatlife #ocean #carleton #olukai #olukaishoes #barnacles #dogsofinsta #wagon #doggybackpack #sup #kayaking #besthusband #ilovemyfamily #bostonwhaler

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