No man can succeed without a supporting woman beside him. Elaine Chappelle, popularly known as the wife of a great comedian, Dave Chappelle is a perfect example as she has played a vital role in making her husband a perfect man.

The charming lady is best known being the wife of writer and producer Dave, who is recognized for his sketch comedy television series Chappelle's Show.

Relationship Bound: Dave Chappell discusses how he met Elaine (Published on 26 November 2016)

Elaine and Dave currently reside in Ohio.

Elaine Chappelle's Short Wiki-Like-Bio

Elaine was born as Elaine Mendoza Erfe on 31st August 1974 in Brooklyn, New York. She possesses Filipino-American ethnicity as her parents were Filipino immigrants.

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But information regarding her childhood life and education remains confined.

Elaine's Lucky Charm Dave Chappelle, Together For 17 Years

Dave was Elaine's Lucky Charm as she came to the limelight only after her marital relationship with Dave.

The couple tied the knot on 2001, and share three children from their relationship; two sons Sulayman Chappelle, Ibrahim Chappelle, and a daughter, Sonal Chappelle.

Regardless of the information of their married life, no proper details on her relationship with Dave have been undisclosed. Well. It looks as if the mutual understanding and admiration among the pair is the obvious factor of the long-lasting marital life of the couple.

Moreover, the credibility of the successful career of Dave goes to none other than his wife and his supportive family.

Dave made a significant breakthrough in his career after two years of his marriage with Elaine. His comedy program, Chappelle's Show premiered on Comedy Central in 2003.

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The show was regarded as the greatest sketch comedy of all time. After the success of the first season, Dave was reportedly offered a contract of  $55 Million to film two more seasons. The show ended in 2006 and Dave later started working in various movies and stage performances.

Elaine played a backstage role for the upliftment of the career of her husband in stand-up comedy. 

Most notably was when Dave Chappelle worked away from a lucrative career and moved to South Africa after he realized he had not dealt thoroughly with the issues that arose from the demise of his father.

At that time, he was accused of leaving his wife and turning to a life of drugs and self-medication. Elaine Chappelle, on the other side, was both angered and shocked.

As a lot wife would do, she helped her husband to stay in South Africa as long as he needed to work things out as she did not believe that Dave was strong enough to confront and survive the media’s lashings.

No wonder why Elaine and Dave share the conjugal bond for more than 17 years. The long-lasting relationship would not be possible without their equal sacrifice and contribution by the couple.

Dave regards their kids have experienced a multicultural upbringing. He stated that his wife is Asian, and his three kids are somehow turning out as Puerto Rican. However, he has no problem with the origin of his wife.

Love & Sacrifices For Children, Family Comes First For The Couple

Dave, who converted his religion from Christianity to Islam in 1998, moved away from the limelight for nearly a decade and stayed with his children which shows how much he loves his family.

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He often attends events and goes outing along with his family. One such example was in 2015 when he took his wife and daughter, Sonal on the red carpet during the 18th Annual Mark Twain Prize in Washington DC.

Moreover, in 2010, he went to the annual Philippines-American picnic with his wife in Dayton Ohio. It's likely that family is the priority in case of the comedian Dave.

Similar Heights Similar Interests: Elaine poses with her husband and children in 2018. (Photo:

As of 2018, the Chappelle family resides on a luxurious 65-acre farm in Ohio cornfields, located near Antioch College in Yellow Springs.

How much is Elaine's Net Worth?

Besides being the wife of a famous husband Dave Chappelle, Elaine has no proper information. It might be the reticent nature of Elaine that makes it skeptical to know about her actual profession.

However, it is known that Elaine and her husband's net worth is estimated to be around $22 Million from Dave's brilliant sketch comedy and his successful program, ‘The Chappelle’s Show.’ Prior to say, Elaine has Dave to cover all her expenses.