English actor Dean-Charles Chapman portrayed the famous character, King Tommen Baratheon, in the global hit, Game Of Thrones. It was the fantasy series that introduced the actor to ultimate fame and global recognition.

However, he was related to the show not only at a professional level but also personally. He was thought to be dating GOT's co-star, his on-screen sister- Nell Tiger Free.

A thorough read on the rumors' source and their relationship status will answer if the onscreen siblings were dating in real life or not!

Dean-Charles Chapman And Rumored Girlfriend Played Baratheon Siblings

In the Game Of Thrones series, Dean-Charles Chapman played the role of Tommen Baratheon, the nineteenth ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. His real-life rumored girlfriend, Nell Tiger Free, played his on-screen sister, Myrcella Baratheon.

Tommen and Myrcella were the younger siblings to Joffrey Baratheon. Together, the three were legal children of King Robert Baratheon and his queen Cersei Lannister, but biological children, born out of incest, of Cersei Lannister and her twin brother Jamie Lannister.

Chapman played the role of Tommen in GOT's seasons four, five, and six, whereas his rumored girlfriend played the character, Myrcella, in seasons five and six.

Dean-Charles Chapman's Closeness With Nell Fueled Dating Rumors

Rumors about Chapman dating Nell started surfacing around 2015.

It apparently happened in July 2015 after the duo's GOT co-star Isaac Hempstead Wright took to Twitter to address them as his best friends. Posting a picture of himself and the two, he wrote," Aren't they so cute?' As Isaac's question failed to clarify if he meant to praise them as a person or praise their relationship, many assumed the second part was the motive.

Boosting the speculation, the same day (13 July 2015), Chapman's rumored-girlfriend Nell posted an adorable picture of him tying her shoelace. She then captioned it as: 'I have him on whip.'

Instead of subsiding, the 1917 star's dating rumors started to become the town's talk thereafter. The cause? Chapman's growing closeness with Nell became evident on social media handles, mostly on Nell's Twitter.

For instance, on 10 August 2015, Nell posted a 'miss you' message dedicated to Into The Badlands actor directly. She even used a heart emoji at the end of the message that read: Miss you @Dean C Chapman.

Moreover, on 17 August 2015, Chapman's rumored-partner, Nell, revealed that they camped along with Isaac Hampstead for a night and enjoyed the 'hilarious night.'

Apparent on Nell's Twitter, the duo even shared flights and attended an event together, all while fueling the pre-existing dating speculations.

Dean-Charles Chapman's Dating Rumors Were "Unreal Bants"

Although Chapman's dating stories became quite famous, the relationship status was confirmed by neither the actor nor his rumored-girlfriend, Nell.

Nevertheless, their GOT co-star, Maisie William, spoke for their part. On her Twitter, she shared Nylon's article that questioned if Chapman and Nell were in a relationship and hinted NO through her cryptical message. Precisely, what she did was she compared the dating gossip as 'bants' and clearly wrote: 'BANTS IS UNREAL RN.'

Are Dean-Charles Chapman And Nell Tiger Free Dating Now?

Though not in the past, could Chapman and Nell be dating now? Well, sorry to the fans who ship the two, but the answer to that question is a NO.

Nell is dating her WonderWell co-star, Sebastian Croft. Meanwhile, Chapman seems to be single. He has neither been romantically linked with anyone nor seen with any woman, both in public and on his social media handles.