David Sutcliffe has got better along with every passing day. Aging like vintage French wine, the handsome actor is the ultimate example of a perfect bachelor.  

The 49-year-old actor is known for his role in the series Gilmore Girls and the police drama Cracked. The actor's other screen credits include the hits  Will & Grace, Friends and Proof

From Acting To Somatic Psychotherapy: David Sutcliffe's Bio

As a kid, the actor had planned for a career in sports, but a back injury changed his career path to the acting. After graduating in English literature from the University of Toronto, he made his small screen debut on an episode of Will & Grace. From there on, he has won plenty of admirers on the industry with his methodical acting and brilliant dialogue delivery. 

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His best roles came as Christopher Hayden in Gilmore Girls and Detective Aiden Black in the series Cracked. He was nominated for the best actors honor for his role in cracked in various TV awards. 

His impersonation of a gay character in 2003 thriller Testosterone was widely acclaimed. David plays the role of an estranged gay lover, who goes on the search of his boyfriend. His real like the portrayal of a gay character won him plenty more admirers. Not just admirers, David also has a boosted net worth of $3 million thanks to his brilliant acting skills. 

 As of now, the  Certified Core Energetics Practitioner is busy away from the hassles of Hollywood, conducting seminars about somatic psychotherapy. He conducted a workshop on Sex & Desires on 5th and 6th May 2018 in LA and 2 and 3 June in Toronto. Similarly, he is a regular blogger and blogs about psychology and making lives better through it. 

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Born on 8 June 1969, he was drafted by his University to play varsity basketball but had to withdraw because of a back injury. However, with the blessings of his family, he turned towards acting and found fame. 

David adores his parents a lot and manifests his love towards them on his social sites. On the occasion of the Father's Day in June 2018, he shared a childhood picture with his father with a caption I love you, dad. Similarly, he shared a throwback picture of 1973 with his mother and brother in May 2014.

What's more, during his acting carer he also found a soul mate. 

David Sutcliffe On A Writer Mode

The somatic psychotherapist has delved into the realm of possibilities that he can bring up to influence the people. And it seems like he has found a direction to head towards through writing. He is an active blogger who busies himself in frequent workshops aiming to help others overcome their problems, be it in regard to relationship, expression or understanding the power of manifestation of energy. 

As a blog writer, he has been exercising with his writing so as to connect to the psychic aspect of his audience. He wrote about one of ordinarily occurring perspective on betrayal and forgiveness on 10 September 2018 in his blog.

All About Psychology: David Sutcliffe published a writing on his blog mentioning guidelines to forgiving a betrayal. (Photo: David Sutcliffe's Twitter)

He often writes about the stream of conscious intending to help out those who battle psychological dilemma in daily lives.

David is a co-founder, facilitator, and coach at social organization, Artist Warrior King that aims to build a community providing opportunities and resources for men to learn, grow, connect, and feel. The organization recently held a workshop named "The Shadow" on Toronto in October 2018. 

Full Circle: Single To Married And Again Single Via Divorce

David Sutcliffe was involved in a romantic relationship in the late 90s with actress Julie McCullough. David even relocated to Vancouver so that he could be near to his girlfriend in LA. 

The lovebirds turned their dating affair to a more serious association after getting married in November 2001. However, the two partners were unable to gel as a family and ended their brief marriage in 2003 after a divorce. 

Once Married: David Sutcliffe and former wife Julie McCullough (Photo: liverampup.com) 

After ending his association with his partner, David's personal life has mostly stayed away from the media. However, he did give a brief indication of his love in 2012 when on Valentine's day, he claimed Twitter as his partner. 

Moreover, David mentioned his girlfriend in an interview with Theglobeandmail.com in December 2012. Talking about his interest in cars, he stated that he damaged his first car, Geo Prizm on the way to Vancouver because of fighting with his girlfriend. They were driving in stop-and-go traffic and were both getting heated up. Further, he did not disclose about the relationship with his girlfriend.

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In March 2013, he revealed in his Twitter that he had been single for the last eight years. When his actress friend Lisa Berry asked him to expand his story and express how he felt about being single, he replied that he felt sad.

The tweet sent the Twitterati into a frenzy and opened up the fact that he was sad being single and was ready to mingle. However, despite his readiness to mingle, no news has surfaced about the actor being in a relationship. The actor must be waiting for his perfect partner.