American magician, David Copperfield's hefty amount of net worth and property, lavished his blissful life with a fiancee and a daughter. 

The New Jersey native is mostly known as the most emulated illusionist in the history of magic. He has widely been accepted, and some of his best-recognized magic includes the disappearance of the Statue of Liberty, walking through the Great Wall of China and vanishing of a jet airplane.

ABC NEWS: David Copperfield reveals his secret on Lucky #13 trick  (Published on 19 April 2018)

David Copperfield was inducted into New York City's Ride of Fame on 11 September 2015.

David Was Born In Rich Family

David Copperfield was born on 16 September 1956 in Metuchen, New Jersey. 

He was born in a rich Jewish family to mother Rebecca, an insurance adjuster, and father Hyman Kotkin, who owned and operated a men's haberdashery in Warren. 

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The magician stands tall at the height of  5 feet and 11¾ inches.

Despite having interests in magic since his early career, he completed his academics graduating from Metuchen High School in 1974.

His Career Started When He Was Just 10 Years Old

61-year-old David started magic from the young age of 10. He showed his magic to his neighbors with the stage name, Davino the Boy Magician. Later, he got invited to join the Society of American Magicians and became the youngest person ever to have a membership at the age of 12.

He started teaching ‘The Art of Magic’ at the New York University when he was only 16. In 1977, he was already a cast in the TV magic special titled The Magic of ABC. Interestingly, the first show amassed popularity and opened the pathway for David to feature in other TV shows.  

CBS hired him for a magic special titled The Magic of David Copperfield in 1978. David presented new illusions that were never attempted before in every special and always topped his audience's expectation until 2001.

Some of his highly anticipated acts are the disappearance of the Statue of Liberty, walking through the Great Wall of China, Lucky #13, and vanishing of a jet airplane.

In 1996, David created and co-produced the show, Dreams, and Nightmares in Broadway and fulfilled his dream of performing on Broadway. The 25-days-long show became so hit at the time that it ended up breaking all the record of the box office. 

The same year, he wrote a book titled David Copperfield’s Tales of the Impossible via collaboration with  Dean Koontz, Joyce Oates, and Ray Bradbury. The book also ended up as a huge success and his inspiration to publish the second volume as well.

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He earned a star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1995 and became the first living magician to be honored with the award. He later timely appeared in movies and Tv shows such as America’s Got Talent, Burt Wonderstone, and Terror Train. 

In his fruitful career, he has got honored with 21 Emmy Awards from 38 nominations due to his magic specials. He has even set 11 Guinness World Records already.

How Much Net Worth Does David Possess?

With success showering his career, David has earned himself a hefty net worth.

Forbes listed David's earnings as $63 million in 2015 and later ranked him in the 20 highest earning celebrity across the globe.

Moreover, he owns a private resort in the Bahamas that consist of eleven islands, and calls it  ‘The Islands of Copperfield Bay.’ The resort was bought by him in 2006 and is worth more than $50 million. Moreover, he also has a lavish house in northwest Las Vegas that he bought for $17.55million in June 2016.

Adding up, David also owns a four-story Manhattan penthouse, Musha Cay at Copperfield Baya and a world’s largest museum of magic history. His estimated total net worth is about $1billion and he earns a handsome salary of $60millions.

Has The Magician Ever Fancied Marriage?

David is a committed man but never been married.

In the past, he suffered a failed engagement. Back in 1993, David was in a relationship with supermodel Claudia Schiffer. The pair first met at a Berlin celebrity Gala and fell in life with each other. Just after a year of dating, in January 1994 the duo got engaged. Claudia timely appeared in David's show and became the part of the tricks.

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However, instead of taking their relationship to marriage after remaining engaged for six years, the pair parted ways in 1999. Afterward, David was not linked with any woman until he found Chloe with whom he is not yet married but still has shared a daughter.

Vacation With Partner-To-Be-Wife & Daughter At Million Worth Resort, Future Plans?

David started dating French model Chloe Gosselin in 2006 despite the fact that Chloe was 28 years younger than him.

 The pair, without marriage, welcomed their daughter named Sky in 2010.  Later in 2014, the duo got engaged and fortified their relationship. However, the pair has kept most of their family details under the wraps. They are also yet to publicize the pictures of their 8-year-old daughter.

As in 2018, David spends quality time with his possible wife-to-be and family, attends various events with her. They like to spend going on vacations in their millions worth Island resort at Copperfield Bay. 

Love Prevails: David Copperfield and fiancee Chloe Gosselin celebrate David's Magician of The Decade Award on 24 March 2018 (Photo: Chloe Gosselin's Instagram)

Looking at their family bliss, it appears that  David and Chloe are in no hurry to quote each other as husband and wife, and welcome more children. Interestingly, both the pair timely shares picture of each other on social media and makes it clear that their relationship is as smooth as butter.