Longtime NBA reporter David revealed of having Wisconsin wife and stepchildren who continually remind him that he is not their father.

Television personality David Aldridge is famously known as a reporter for the Turner television networks TNT, TBS, and TBD. He previously served at NBT TV and ESPN.

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The prominent reporter was born on 10th February 1965 in Washington D.C., the United States. He pursued his high school education at DeMatha Catholic High School.

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Later he went to the American University and earned his graduation with a bachelor's degree in Print Journalism and History in 1987.

David Aldrige Started Career From The Washington Post

David began his reporting career in 1987 as a writer for The Washington Post after receiving Bachelor’s degree in Print Journalism and History. He spent nine years in the American daily newspaper. Before joining TNT in 2004, David reported for ESPN for over eight years mostly covering the NBA. He worked at the Philadelphia Inquirer for almost four years from 2004 to 2008.

Currently, he works as the ‘Insider’ for TNT’s Inside the NBA and does minor reporting work during the regular season. He also co-hosts the weekly show The Beat on NBA TV and serves as a commentator for other NBA on TNT features.

Apart from reporting, David is also a published author. He has published various books on mental health such as Music Therapy Research and Practice in Medicine: From Out of the Silence and Spirituality, Healing and Medicine: Return to the Silence. 

He published a book in 2012 named A Comprehensive Guide to Suicidal Behaviours: Working with Individuals at Risk and their Families.

His Salary And Net Worth From TNT

As for David’s net worth, he has undoubtedly made immense wealth in his three-decades-long reporting career since 1987.

As per payscale, Turner Broadcasting employee receives an average salary of $75k annually. As David is with the network since 2014, he is likely to earn more than the estimated amount including other benefits. Similarly, he earns the salary of about $79,050 per year, working as an NBA analyst.

David also derives the remarkable amount of revenue from the books that also contributes to his net worth.

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Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Famer David, 53, has a remarkable career, but as of his family life, he has been quite a secretive person. But, with some of his tweets, he confirmed that he is not only married but also has children.

David Aldridge’s Married Life: Wisconsin Wife And Stepchildren

TNT analyst David’s personal life has been mum for quite an extensive time, but finally, there came words, as he revealed that he has a wife back in 2012 through his Twitter. He wished his wife and sister a Happy Mother’s Day and appreciated them for unconditioned they have for their children. 

Picture, David Aldridge talks about his wife for the first time, 2012 (Photo: David Aldridge’s Twitter)

Later in 2014, David gave an emotional pre-game report before Clipper-Warriors mentioning his seven-year-old son who left everyone speechless.

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Not only that, in 2015, David also revealed that he is a married man with stepchildren who continually remind him that he is not their real dad through his tweet. So it is apparent that he is married to women who already had kids with her ex-husband.

David Aldridge talks about his stepchildren, 2015 (Photo: David Aldridge's Twitter)

Till date, David has not publicized much detail about his wife and children. However, recently in January 2018, he specified that his wife is from Wisconsin and most of her family still lives there.

David Aldridge Knows How To Take Stand For His Wife; Learn From Him!

David had a one on one in the comments section of his Twitter when he tweeted his perception in regard to the president's brag about immigrants in January 2018. The reason he was much concerned about the matter was that his wife is an immigrant as well. He revealed that his wife belongs to Wisconsin, a small town in Haiti.

The Twitter users decided to express their side of the opinion and as David got smelt the growing rage, she shut the dispute down instantly. 

Speaking For Wife: David Aldridge tweeted in favour of the good and fair-minded people like his wife and her family in Jan 2018 (Photo: David Aldrige's Twitter)

That being said, David showed the world that he got his furtive wife's back!