Member of the metal band Tool, Danny Carey, has been with his partner Rynne Stump for a long time. So much so, they even have children together. However, the usual question remains: who is his partner, and is he married to Rynne yet? Also, fans may want to know how many children do they parent? So, know all the answers!

Who is Danny Carey’s Girlfriend?

His long-time girlfriend is Rynne Stump. She was born on the 5th of January. She is most famous for being the creator and organizer of Stumpfest; a musical event organized yearly in Portland, Oregon.

The event brings many musical artists to Mississipi Studios for a few nights of music festivals. The Facebook page of the event also says that they promote and produce other shows in Portland.

The next edition of Stumpfest events will be held on the 22, 23, and 24 April 2021 at the same Mississipi Studios in Portland, Oregon. You can get tickets for the events from Stumpfest’s events page on Facebook.

Danny Carey with his partner Rynne Stump

Danny Carey with his partner Rynne Stump in April 2020 (Photo: Danny Carey's Facebook)

According to the about section on her Facebook profile, she is a manager at the Children of Saturn radio show. It also describes her as an Instructor or Dive Master at PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors)—a leading scuba diver training organization—since 2010.

Danny Carey has Two Children with Girlfriend Rynne Stump

Danny Carey is father to two children with his partner Rynne Stump. He became a parent for the first time in June 2015.

On 17 June 2015, Rynne posted a special picture on her Facebook page. In the photo, Rynne can be seen holding her baby alongside Carey. She chose not to keep any caption that gave any information about her child. However, the post's comments revealed that his name started from Z as one user commented, “Z-MAN, welcome!”

Danny and Rynne with their son Zola Carey

Danny Carey and Rynne Stump with their first-born, a son in June 2015 (Photo: Rynne Stump's Facebook)

A few days later, on 22 June 2015, ToolPuscifierAPC on Twitter tweeted out a picture where Danny is seen holding his child. The tweet also revealed that Danny’s first child was a son, and his name was Zola Carey.

Zola’s actual birthday was revealed only on his first birthday. Through an archived post on Danny’s website, we came to know that Zola was born on 10 June 2015.

Then, in 2016, it was noticed that Rynne was pregnant again. In a video posted by The Paparazzi Gamer [TPG] on YouTube on 27 April 2016, Danny attended a Clippers vs. Rockets game with Rynne, who was pregnant. This suggested that Danny and Rynne were about to become parents for the second time.

Going by the size of her baby bump in the video, one can assume that she gave birth soon after that. However, neither Danny nor Rynne have revealed the official date of birth of their second children or any other details for that matter. And because both of their Instagram accounts are private, it seems like they want their private life to stay just that; private.

Rynne has, nevertheless, posted some pictures of her second baby on Facebook. In one picture, the baby can be seen feeding their late dog, Levi. Also, she has kept fans updated about Zola. She uploads frequent pictures of him on her Facebook, where fans comment on how Zola is growing fast.

Is Danny Carey and Rynne Stump Married?

Danny and Rynne have two children together; but it is unknown when they got together and if they are married to each other.

And on top of this, Danny’s IMDb bio creates more confusion regarding his personal life. The page claims that Danny is married to a woman named Sabine. It says that they got married on 23 March 1997 and that she is still his wife. But, the information to prove that it is nowhere to be found yet.