If you're a millennial, there is a good chance that you have heard Danny Carey bang his drums alongside his band members from Tool. The Kansas-born drummer amassed quite a lot of hits in his day, and as the list of hits got longer, his net worth went higher.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, his net worth was $40 million back in 2012. Also, he ranked #21 amongst the richest drummers of the world.

But, is his net worth still at a million mark now? Find it out!

What is Danny Carey's Net Worth?

$40 million was almost a decade ago. The 59-year-old drummer—at times referred to as the best drummer in the world—has been steadily pumping out chartbusters since the start of the '90s. As of 2019, Celebrity Net Worth estimated Danny Carey's net worth to have hit the fifty million dollar mark.

A significant chunk of his net worth can be credited to the two residential estates that he owns. In December 2016, Danny spent $6.35 million to buy a micro-vineyard property in Malibu off of Emilio Estevez, Charlie Sheen's brother.

Danny Carey's Malibu Vineyard Home

Danny Carey's Malibu Vineyard Home (Photo Source: Google Maps)

Apart from the Malibu vineyard, Danny also has a home in LA. The Tool drummer bought the property for $695,000 back in 1998 and even planned an expansion a decade later.

In hopes of adding compounds, Danny had also purchased the adjacent estate for $2.2 million, but the plans were scrapped, and the property was sold off at a loss.

Explore Danny's Acclaimed Career as a Drummer

Danny has come a long way since he moved to LA in 1986 as a studio drummer for projects like Carole King. For a while, he also played with the Pygmy Love Circus.

Four years into the LA-life, Danny formed the band Tool with guitarist Adam Jones, vocalist Maynard James Keenan, and bassist Phil D'Amour.

Three years after its inception, in 1992, Tool released their debut album Undertow. By 1994, the album went platinum, with 2.9 million copies sold.

As of today, Undertow is a certified platinum in Canada and double platinum in the US by the Recording Industry Association Of America (RIAA).

The second album by the metal band is their best-selling album to date. Tool's sophomore released AEnema in1997. The album peaked at number #2 on the Billboard 200 chart with 3.4 million copies sold. The song went platinum in Canada and Australia, and triple platinum in the US.

The next two albums, Lateralus from 2001 and 10,000 Days from 2006, both went platinum across nations and were #1 on the Billboard 200 Chart. The single Schism form the former album even racked a Grammy for the best metal performance in 2002 while the latter album bagged another Grammy for the best recording package.

Besides the band's work, Danny operates a self-titled website through which he sells his merch. The website also lets fans get a closer look at the tools of his trade as it features a sound gallery of a variety of guitars, synths, and drums.

New EP On The Way For 2020?

Because of the whole pandemic situation, Danny's band had to cancel their biggest American Tour to date. But, Danny has confirmed that the Tool is not done yet, as they might even release an EP this year. He hinted so in Sunday Live Chat with Cevin Key on August 2020, as per Loudwire.

We kept hoping that we were going to get back out, so we were just kind of, 'Hey, enjoy this while it lasts.' But now it's looking like it could go to the rest of the year, so we need to get the lead out and start functioning. Maybe knock out another EP, at least, or something like that.

Moreover, Danny revealed that the Tool is without a record label. "We don't have a record deal anymore — we're free agents — so we can kind of release whatever we want to release now, which is a good feeling," said Danny.