Olivia Rodrigo is celebrating the success of her hit single, 'Driver's License,' and in a recent interview with MTV Push, she recalled how she went on to create the pop hit. 

MTV put up their conversation with Rodrigo on their YouTube channel on May 3, 2021, and during the course of that conversation, the songstress performed and discussed her hits 'Driver's License' and 'Deja Vu.'

'Driver's License' Is Special To Rodrigo 

Rodrigo recalled that even as she was writing 'Driver's License,' she felt that the song was special somehow. In her experience, the song expressed fluently what she felt within herself at the moment but was unable to. 

In its essence, the song was a simple one, and it told a very familiar story. A teenager had her heart broken, and as she drives through the roads that held memories of that special someone, she misses him.

From teenagers going through their first heartbreak to adults who were reminded of their past, the song's simplicity, paired with Rodrigo's dramatic delivery, resonated with the masses.

'Driver's License' Celebrates a Universal Sentiment 

She admitted that she was a naive 17-year-old when she wrote those words in her living room. The heartbreak felt like the world was ending because she hadn't seen the possibilities that the future held for her.

Adding on, she explained how because of a lack of context of one's adult life, that high school heartbreak hit harder than anything you might experience later on in life. That is probably why the song is so universally relatable to even the older demographic.

The 18-year-old confessed that her writing process was rooted in her real-life experience and did not come from a place of actively seeking relatability with her audience. She instead found her validation from the fact that everyone is so much more similar than they are different. 

Honesty and vulnerability is always relatable, which is really a nice thing to remember as a songwriter. You don't have to try to be something you're not. 

'Deja Vu' Falls Along The Same Lines

Somewhere along the same lines was another one of her hit singles titled 'Deja Vu,' which she addressed later in the interview. She recalled how she pitched the idea for the song to her main collaborator Daniel Nigro when they were trying to write a sad song, but nothing was working. 

Nigro thought the hook was really clever, and they decided to run with it. During the creative process, the two created their fictional world for the song with all the textural and visual elements.

The songstress encouraged listeners to take what they could from the song and interpret it however they like. As far as she is concerned, she had fun with the song.

Rodrigo recently made headlines with Lil Nas X as they announced that they'd be the musical guests on the Saturday Night Live stage on the May 22 episode hosted by Anya Taylor-Joy.