Baffled by his own weird character and persona, American actor Crispin Glover had both good and bad experiences with girlfriends. The actor's stance on dating and children after a long history with women was equally baffling as his character.

Crispin Hellion Glover is an American actor, director, screenwriter, and musician who is most popular for his role as George Mcfly in Back to the Future. He is mainly famous for his portrayal of weird and eccentric characters on the screen.

Trailer Time: The trailer of By the Rivers of Babylon which stars Crispin Grover in the lead role and is slated to release later in 2018 (Published on Aug 24, 2018)  

He is currently working for the upcoming film Smiley Face Killers by scriptwriter Bret Easton Ellis. The date of release of the movie, however, has not been decided yet. He is also starring in a 2018 thriller By the Rivers of Babylon.

Crispin Glover Bio: Age, Parents, Education

The American actor, age 54, was born in New York City to actor parents Bruce Glover and Elizabeth Lillian Betty Glover. His father was an actor, while his mother was a dancer and an actress. The American actor was named after Saint Crispin's Day speech from William Shakespeare's play Henry V which his parents enjoyed. 

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Due to family reasons, he moved to Los Angeles at the early age of five. Crispin attended the Mirman School in Los Angeles from his first grade through ninth grade. He then attended Venice High as his high school and graduated in 1982 from Beverly Hills High School.

Crispin Glover Career Ladder

Grover's first appearance for an acting role happened when he was just thirteen. At such a young age, he portrayed small roles in sitcoms like Happy Days and Family Ties.

He debuted in movies just after he graduated from Beverly Hills, in 1983, in a sex comedy named My Tutor. With the role of George Mcfly in the science fiction Back to the Future, he received his breakthrough along with recognition from the film community.

Since then, he has been involved in many movies for the roles of important characters. Later, he also played the role of the titular character in the movie Bartleby and the main role of Raskolnikoff in the movie adaptation of the novel Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky.

Crispin has not only been involved in movies, but he has also published six books until today and his 1988 book Rat Catching is his most prominent one. 

With all his endeavors, he has established himself as a successful actor and author, works of whom have been carefully criticized and well received.

Crispin’s Feels Bad About Dating After Girlfriend Commits Suicide

Crispin Grover has dated and has been rumored to have dated a lot of girlfriends over the time. The actor, however, has quite difficult experiences with girls he has dated. 

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The American actor and Alexa Lauren were boyfriend-girlfriend materials for a year from 2002 through 2003. 

The eccentric actor in an interview after the breakup with his girlfriend shed light on his complicated dating situation in 2003. Speaking to The Rolling Stones he revealed that he started dating at the age of eighteen and a year later; he lost his virginity to a girl who attended the same school as Glover.

His ex-girlfriend, however, committed suicide some years later and it left Glover disturbed. He opened up about how her death left him a bit disturbed saying:

'So that’s a little disturbing'

His words also revealed that he was not particularly good at choosing his partners. Years later from the time when his girlfriend committed suicide, he revealed that he had a pretty darn idea about how his partner should be.

He said in the same interview with The Rolling Stones about the attributes he wanted in his future wife stating: 

‘Like they could fit into a period film, so to speak, from the Fifties or the 1920s’

Glover after the interview was rumored to be dating Amber Heard. She, however, failed to have the attributes he wanted in a perfect wife leading to petering out of their relationship.

Date Night: Crispin Glover and girlfriend Alexa Lauren attend the premiere of 'Sonny' on 9 December 2002. (Photo:

Similarly, he has also been rumored to be dating Vanessa Marra in 2008 and Trisha Paytas in 2013. However, they were just rumors and had little substance in them. 

Will Crispin Glover Ever Get Married? Or Is He Gay?

Crispin Glover, because of his strained relationship status has been professed to be gay in various internet-based news portals.

The gay rumors, more like his relationship speculations have little substance in them as reflected by his own claims about wanting a wife and having a girlfriend. The gay rumors are just a hoax, and he is obviously straight.

Despite that, the star, however, is not married either.

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His stance on getting married and settling down with children is slightly baffling. On one hand, the star has boasted on numerous occasions talked about not wanting children while on the other hand did reveal that he had a soft corner for kids and a family. 

Speaking to The Guardian in 2015, he told me that he had never been close to having children. He, however, admitted that if he ever had children he would be with them all the time, something his career does not allow. He was quoted saying:

“I’ve never been close to having children. I’m on the road so much, but if I had children it would be something that I’d want to be present for and I feel like I would not be present.”

The American actor has been keeping himself busy with his work-related commitments and does not seem to be ready to have children. With his career on the rise and numerous projects on the pipeline, getting married and enjoying family perks with a wife could be the last thing on his mind!