Cleo Rose Elliott is a gifted American singer, musician, and model. She gained a hefty amount of limelight at the age of 24 after her very first solo entitled No More Lies became an instant hit. Since then, she has made several songs and marked her name as a remarkable singer in the music industry. 

However, the singer isn't famous just for her music. Cleo Rose was under the limelight from the moment she was born as she is the daughter of two Academy Award-nominated actors, Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross.

Despite being the only daughter of such a renowned actor couple, Cleo Rose's relationship with her mother was once in such a strained state that the matter had to be resolved in court. The court documents further detailed that Cleo's mother went so far as to get a restraining order against the celebrated singer.

Cleo Rose Elliott's Mother Claims Cleo Once Stabbed Her!

Cleo Rose Elliott is the only child of her parents, Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross. However, things have not always been harmonious between them, especially between the mother-daughter duo.

As per her mother, Katharine, Cleo was abusive as a child, and when she reached the age of 12 or 13, she began to become violent.

After a while, things were going smoothly in the family. But, in March 2011, the bad relationship between the mother and daughter was known to the public when Katharine obtained a restraining order against her daughter. The news spread like wildfire, and questions began to arise.

Later, through the court documents, it was known that Katharine filed for a restraining order against Cleo after she reportedly stabbed Katharine with scissors. According to People, the incident happened on March 2, 2011.

As per Katharine, Cleo had lost her temper and began murmuring “I want to kill you” to her mother and then kicked the cupboard door. When Katharine tried to reach out to the police, Cleo cut off the telephone wire with scissors and eventually stabbed her mother’s right hand almost six times.

After that incident occurred, Katharine filed for a protective order, and the court issued a hearing on March 30, 2011. Until the hearing happened, Cleo was ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from her mother’s home, workplace, and car.

Nevertheless, to date, it is still unclear what prompted Cleo to do that to her own mother.

Cleo’s Relationship With Her Mother Seems To Be Improving

Although Cleo Rose and her mother had an unforgettable moment, it now seems that they have put aside all the bad blood between them. The mother-daughter can be seen together at various events, awards shows, and more, which clearly hints that their relationship is improving.

They were caught up together at the 2017 Sundance Flim Festival’s red carpet event for the movie ‘The Hero’, which featured Cleo’s parents. During the event, an interviewer got lucky enough to ask some questions to them. In the reply, Cleo stated that her parents are very talented actors, which makes her proud.

Likewise, on September 24, 2018, Cleo and her mother, Katharine, were seen together at the premiere of ‘A Star is Born.’ They were also together at the 91st Annual Academy Awards, where both of them were smiling and seemed very happy.