Christian Keyes has talked about how he would like his ideal partner to be during requirements in many of his interviews. By the account of his statements, good looks and a nice personality won't be enough to impress the American actor.

Keyes needs his girlfriend or his future wife to have a sense of spirituality, drive, and humor.  She needs to be brave, bold, and decent and be a perfect mother to his son and the kids he plans to adopt. 

Dream Date and Ideal Partner

Keyes once gave insights into his ideal date and the qualities he seeks in a girlfriend while talking to Ray Cornelius.

Keyes would start off with a boquet of flowers leading up to a romantic dinner. He would then take his girlfriend to a concert, following which the pair would head out for dessert and back to his place.

When the interviewer asked what kind of woman would end up being his date, the Saints and Sinners actor described the three major qualities he seeks in his partner — spirituality, drive, and sense of humor.

After a brief talk on the importance of spirituality, Keyes explained why he wants his partner to be driven and ambitious. He wants her to be independent, and hopes she will be okay without him.

Since he is such a playful soul when he's not working, Keyes wants his partner to share the same vibe.

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Wedding Plans

The In Contempt actor is seemingly single right now, but he would like to walk down the aisle someday. He opened up about in an interview with The Rolling Out in May 2018.

When asked about why he hadn't settled down despite having a grown-up son, Keyes reiterated he wanted a wife, claiming he was financially stable to get married and grow his family.

The Detroit native expressed his dreams of having more kids and adopting at least one child, and ideally raise them with a loving wife by his side.

Going back to the subject of the ideal partner, Keyes said his wife would have to dress decently and be able to speak up for herself. She would have to bring her own table to sit besides him. 

Keyes Wants to Adopt a Child

Keyes has a son, Christian Keyes Jr. (born December 2002.) While he has shared nothing about the Christian's mother to date, their bond is pretty strong.

Having one son isn't enough for the actor. He dreams of having more kids and adopting at least one child. 

Keyes himself was an adopted child. Born to interracial parents —  African-American father and American-French mother — on July 24, 1975, the Ferris State graduate was adopted twice.