Chris Heria has undergone years of trials and tribulations that few his age can claim to have gone through. 

Unbeknownst to many, the fitness expert got off a fierce legal battle for the rights to see his son — a feat that was only possible after years of court battles, a violent fight, and clearing his name from an 'attempted murderer.'

How Heria and His Girlfriend Got into Feud 

Heria was only 19 when his then-girlfriend got pregnant in 2011.

Trying to turn over a good leaf, he joined a real estate school to get a license and be able to provide a better life for his girlfriend and their baby. He proposed to his girlfriend, hoping to turn her into his wife. But she flat out declined.

The fitness trainer did not push the matter any further, believing it was best that his future child did not grow up in a hostile environment.

A few months after, his child’s mother called back and gave him an ultimatum to either marry her or risk never seeing his child.

Heria said he wouldn't marry her but was still willing to be in the child’s life and be the provider. Immediately after that, she blocked all his attempts to contact her. 

Seeing no other way, he texted the girl’s mother to see how her visits to the doctors were going. In return, the YouTuber's mother received a call saying they would file for harassment. 

Heria thought it was best to wait until his son's birth to get a lawyer.  

Things Took a Turn for the Worse

As Heria waited for things to settle down, he travelled to Miami with his new girlfriend. During the journey, a dozen of thugs attacked them. 

Having trained in fights since a young age, Heria injured one of his assailants. His tenacity got the better of his the thugs, and they left him alone after threatening to find out his house and kill him. 

A few months after, while Heria going to work, five police officers stopped him and took him into custody with a charge of attempted murder. 

The accusations were false, but it cost Heria multiple visits to the court and a lump sum of money to eliminate the accusations. 

Throughout the duration of the trial, he traveled the world to get fit and be spiritual. The journey admittedly helped him cope with the tribulations in a positive light.

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Heria Could See His Son after Years of Debacle

The years of spiritual and fitness discipline that Heria put himself through worked out for the best. Not only did he clear his name from the attempted murder charge, but he could also visit his son, Zen. 

This, however, became only possible after he spent almost 20K USD on a lawyer and fought to see his son for over two years.

Heria now spends quality time with Zen who makes frequent appearances in his father's fitness videos. They celebrated Zen's ninth birthday on September 16, 2020.

By the look of his Instagram post of February 2016, Heria seems to be co-parenting his son with his baby mama. The picture featured the duo together with their son.