The year 2020 has simultaneously been the shortest and the longest year for many people because of the global lockdown courtesy of the coronavirus pandemic.

And by some miracle, May 2021 is already here. Work from home has become the norm, and being locked in their homes has people packing on the pounds.

While staying indoors is the only way to defeat the pandemic, it does not necessarily equate to gaining weight. If you were looking to get back in shape this quarantine season, celebrity trainer Shaun T has just the thing for you. 

'Let's Get Up!' Is Finally Here

The fitness guru took to his Instagram on May 2, 2021, to announce his latest program, Let's Get Up!, available now on his website Beachbody On Demand for everyone.


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The 30-day program is made up of fun exercises and dance workouts designed to help the viewers shed those extra pounds as they live their best life. At least, that's was Shaun T said in his announcement. 

Shaun T and his team have been teasing the release of this program since November 2020, and now that it is finally here, he sat down with OK! magazine to share what the program is all about. 

For Everone And Not For Everyone

According to the outlet, this 30-day workout routine embodies everything that the celebrity fitness instructor specializes in: dance, sweat, conditioning, and, naturally, pure joy.

However, he made it clear that this program is not for everyone, namely those who don't want to wake up and cut up, have a great time, or someone who doesn't want to really let go and dance.

Simply put, gathering up the motivation to get started and have fun doing it is more than half the work. 

For those who passed the first step, this program has five more steps to follow. Let's run them down real quick! 

1. Finding Your Ideal Workout

The idea behind this one is pretty simple: "Only do what you want to do." 

Finding the workout that is right for you is imperative because it is unlikely that you will stick to a workout program that you don't like to begin with.

The fitness guru also preaches that you should not compare yourself to other people when selecting your workout. Just because people around you are into intense regimens does not mean you have to do the same. 

2. Starting Small

Being new to the fitness game, one might be tempted to go all out and work out seven days a week. That is exactly what you should not be doing.

Shaun T actually insists on working out three days a week for beginners. 

Let’s do three days a week for a month because I want you to leave yourself wanting more — instead of hitting the pavement so hard that on Wednesday, you’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, I can’t even sit on the toilet.'

Continuity and conditioning are the goals here. 

3. Focusing on the Positive

This one kind of speaks for itself. Most life experiences have ebbs and flows, but most people tend to focus on the lows instead. Shaun T spoke of his experiences during the lockdown. 

The 42-year-old-father-of-two suffered the consequences of the lockdown like everyone else, but because of it, he also got to spend a lot of time with his family. 

"I remember celebrating the fact that I actually put my kids to bed for 60 days straight," he added. "The same applies to fitness: celebrate your accomplishments, no matter how big or small."

4. Getting Creative

This one is more of a life advice and not strictly bound to fitness. According to the guru, the most effective way that creativity can be employed in both your profession and fitness is for problem-solving.

Also, your creativity can find expression in enhancing whatever it is that you are doing to make it better.  

5. Connecting to Your Emotions

Shaun also believes that dealing with your emotions in a timely fashion to break out of the mundane and move forward with life. Whatever makes you mad or upset, connect to that emotion in 24 hours and figure out an action plan to solve it. 

All in all, when it comes to fitness, if you feel good about what you're doing, you will want to wake up tomorrow and do it again. This is where consistency comes from, and that is where results come from.