American Internet celebrity, Chris Crocker who gained massive fame from his infamous Leave Britney Alone video revealed his relationship status.

Chris Crocker is a household name in the vines industry known for his witty vines and YouTube videos depicting random moments of his daily life. He, however, has now stopped making YouTube videos and is trying his hands in gay adult movies.

Gay Best friends: Chris Crocker and Adore Delano playing BESTIE $4 CA$H where they get $10 for each correct answer they give about their best friend. (Published on 2 May 2018)

Chris started his vines career from his MySpace account where uploaded vlogs and comedy skits. He had already gained massive popularity in MySpace before uploading the infamous video. 

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Chris Crocker's Bio: Early Life and Career

Born on 7 December 1987, Christopher Darren Cunningham was raised by his grandparents in Bristol, US.

He was homeschooled because he was bullied for his feminine clothes and mainly after a homophobic high school gym coach harassed him.

Chris started his career first being involved in various autobiographical projects.

He started vlogging after his viral Leave Britney Alone! video. He’s also a songwriter who released his first single Mind in the Gutter in 2008.

In 2012, Chris debuted as an adult actor for Maverick Men. Lucas Entertainment released Chris Crocker’s Raw Love in 2014, featuring a gay scene with his former boyfriend, Justin Dean.

Chris has mentioned in his videos about how performing in adult movies hindered his acting career.

Chris Crocker’s Rise To Fame: Leave Britney Spears Alone!

There’s no second argument on the fact that Chris' rise to fame was because of his video Leave Britney Spears Alone! where he got terribly emotional defending Britney Spears’ performance at the MTV Video Music Awards.

The first part of the video was posted on 9 September 2007 on his MySpace page and the second part was posted on both MySpace and YouTube. The video got over 2 million views within 24 hours.

The video gained Chris massive attention to the point where he was invited for interviews on CNN, Fox News, The Today Show among many others.

Britney Is The Best: Chris Crocker's infamous video Leave Britney Alone which went viral after Britney's sultry performance at the MTV's Video Music Awards in 2007 (Video: Youtube)

Chris became an overnight sensation in YouTube after the video and the video was named one of the top videos in 2007.

But that came with many consequences as Chris received uncountable vile abuses and satirizing comments from the internet.

Ten years after the release of the video, Chris mentioned in one of his videos, about the hard time he was going through when he made the infamous video, as his mother was going through addiction issues at that period of time.

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Gay Abuses Led To Chris Crocker Being Homeschooled 

After establishing himself as a budding Youtuber he tried his hands in acting. He was however not into conventional acting as he tried playing in adult videos mainly of gay genres.

Looking at the effeminate postures of Chris in his videos, it is not hard to deduce that he’s a gay. He is totally open about it, and he often posts comedy skits on Twitter and Facebook regarding his sexual orientation as well.

Chris accepted his sexuality as gay from a very early age, which brought him to become the subject of constant bullying and harassment.

When the harassment became unbearable, he had to stop going out and opted for homeschooling.

Is Aaron Carter Chris' Boyfriend?

As for Chris’ romantic affairs, he does not hide much about his relationships. He was romantically involved with gay adult star Justin Dean at the turn of this decade.

He was also involved in gay adult movies with his then boyfriend before their relationship turned sour.

He was then romantically linked with Aaron Carter, with many people assuming him to be Chris’ boyfriend. Aaron Carter is an up and coming American singer who came to fame for his romantic pop songs.

Chris' alleged boyfriend Aaron Carter’s coming out as bisexual in August 2017 led to more conjectures of his relationship to Chris.

Adding to that, Chris used to post pictures with Aaron, both acting all cuddly.

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Possible past boyfriend: Chris and Aaron showing off an intimate pose on 5 February 2016. (Photo:

The picture was all too suggestive about the two being romantically involved. But the rumor didn’t stretch much longer as Aaron revealed that he was dating celebrity photographer, Madison Parker.

After Aaron, Chris hasn’t disclosed anything regarding his dating life and looking at his outward personality, it's probably because he hasn’t dated anyone in a while.