American media personality Cassidy Quinn Brettler is known all over the world as a news anchor and reporter at KGW television. Despite catching the attention of media and fans alike, she values her family to the highest level and shares the love for both her parents who brought her into the world.

The Portland native hosts the news related to the events and also covers some fun activities in her hometown.

Cassidy Quinn: Cassidy talking about having her own show on youtube (Video: Published on Jun 12, 2018)

Just like her professional life, Cassidy's personal front is open as well. She spends her spare time mostly on social media and reflects much more about her personal life and family to her fans.

Cassidy Quinn Bio(Age) & Education

Cassidy was born in 1980 in Portland and her birthday falls on 17 July every year. Cassidy was born to father Dan Brettler and mother Cindy Brettler and was raised in her parent's shadow accompanied by a brother named Max Brettler.

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She attended Lakeside school as a child and later went to Emerson College in Boston, where she graduated with a degree in two different majors, acting and broadcast journalism in 2011. She also has experience of entertainment PR classes.

Cassidy Quinn Career As Reporter: KGW, Alpha Media

In her early age, Cassidy was an anchor and produced news shows in her college, and also covered the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games!. She was involved in reporting and video blogging Olympics and Super Bowl after her graduation.

Cassidy Quinn: Reporter Cassidy Quinn conducting an Interview at Super Bowl (Photo: Pinterest)

Cassidy was a director of Digital Creative & Social Media for a restaurant chain of England, Boloco until 2013. She joined KGW news channel in 2014 and worked as a traffic reporter and trending news reporter and later became a news anchor in 2015.

Cassidy also serves as a radio personality in the Alpha Media in her hometown.

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Apart from all these, Cassidy also has her own YouTube channel where she posts her views and opinions on different subject matters. She is also very active in her social media accounts like facebook & twitter with more than 9k followers in her Twitter account and more than 12k subscribers in her official youtube channel 'Cassidy Quinn'.

Cassidy Quinn Married To Husband Alfredo Viera?

Cassidy, who is 28 years of age, is unmarried at present. However, her social site hints that she is dating with a boyfriend named Alfredo Viera.

Though there are no any pictures to solidify their relationship, Cassidy frequently mentions him as a boyfriend in her Twitter. In July 2014, she tweeted a photo with flowers thanking her boyfriend Alfredo for the most beautiful surprise to come home after the long morning.

Cassidy Quinn: Cassidy thanking her future husband-to-be in her twitter post (Photo: Cassidy Quinn's Twitter)

Likewise, she shared a picture in a wedding dress stating that she felt sorry for her boyfriend as she tried on a wedding dress for the first time on live TV, which her boyfriend watched in January 2015.

Recently, Cassidy, who is a Twitter lover, replied to a picture of a dog uploading on her Twitter in May 2018 saying it was her boyfriend's dog. It shows that she is still able to maintain a sound relationship with her boyfriend, but their intimacy is yet to broaden outside the social sites with the husband-wife tag.

Cassidy Quinn's Love For Her Family

Just like her boyfriend, Cassidy does not fail to demonstrate her love towards the family through her post on social sites. She often wishes birthday to parents regarding them as the best parents for her.

Moreover, she loves her little brother and does not get tired of posting the picture of their childhood. Cassidy also prefers to spend her quality time with her adorable grandmother.

All these resembles the value she perceived growing up, with she feeling unseparable from her beloved parents. She understands the importance of family in life and the sacrifices parents make for the well-being of their children. These sentiments echo in Cassidy as her love and admiration for her parents never seem to cease.