The south Asian-based reality television program, Family Karma follows the adventures of three generations of Indian American families who moved to the Miami, Florida area.

The show swept away viewers last year when it aired on Bravo TV in March 2020. And after a successful first season, the show recently returned for a second season on June 2, 2021.

The captivating youngsters and their families have touched millions of hearts with their candid presentation of their lives.

But the fan-favorite Brian Benni stole the show because of his outgoing nature and constant desire to learn more about his culture and beliefs.

The former “party playboy” has revealed details about his family's bond and his love endeavors in the show. However, there are many fascinating secrets about Benni that he has kept hidden from the public eye.

Who is Brian Benni?

Benni was born on October 14, 1991, to an Indian mother and a Guyanese father. He has a younger brother, Nick, who is six years younger than him.

Both the brothers were born and raised in Miami, Florida.


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His mother came to New Jersey when she was 16 years old. His parents met in college in New Jersey and fell in love.

However, their “Bollywood love story” as described by Benni was full of struggles because his mother came from a conservative Gujarati family and his father is West Indian.

Eventually, they got married and started their family. 

Benni Works as an Account Executive

Talking about his professional endeavors, Benni is always focused on his goals and career and works hard to achieve them.

According to his LinkedIn profile, the 29-year-old attended Florida State University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences.

He was also admitted into the Florida State University Pre-Dental Society while in college.


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Post-graduation, Benni started working for an extensive IT service and gained significant expertise in that field. He worked as an account executive for that tech firm from 2015 until 2018. 

Benni quit that company in February 2018 and moved on to another technology company working at the same post.

He has been working as an account executive for Pivot Technology Services Corporation in Florida for over three years now. 

Who is Brian Benni dating? 

While he has excelled professionally, his parents are now encouraging him to get married.

In the first season, Benni explored a romantic connection with his longtime friend Monica Vaswani. However, the two called it quits romantically straight away because their chemistry was better as friends than lovers.

Benni’s former unsuccessful relationship did not discourage him from seeking another Monica. The Miami native is now in a committed relationship with Dr. Monica Shah. 

Shah is a Tampa-based Rheumatology specialist who works at Gulf Coast Rheumatology. She is also a fashion model and a former Miss India, Florida.

Since Benni and his girlfriend live in two different cities, they only get to see each other for three or four days at a time. 


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A Six-Figure Net worth

According to June 1, 2021 reports from Nicki Swift via Stars Offline, Benni has an estimated net worth of $300,000. 

The reality star has gained an astounding six-figure sum largely from Bravo for being a part of the Family Karma cast.

However, he has been working as an Account Executive for the past few years which also contributes to his net worth.