When Brandon Farris moved to Los Angeles, he had no safety net. He lived in his car so that he didn’t have to worry about rent; he was broke, homeless, and lonely. But even at a shallow point in his life, Farris didn’t let the adversities bother him.

Fast forward to four years later, he has more than a million followers on his Instagram, 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube, and a mind-boggling 4.5 million followers on Facebook.

So how did the content creator transform his life from living in his car to a hugely successful social media star? Read along to find out!

Just Four Years Ago, Brandon Farris Was Living Out Of His Car

Born on June 5, 1991, Farris moved to Los Angeles back in 2017, a week before he hit 25. When he moved to the city of his dreams, he had no money, no contacts, and no place to call home. Things didn’t look bright, but he thought otherwise. It was, without a doubt, a turning point in his life. 

On his 25th birthday, Farris uploaded a video titled “I’m Gonna Make It! #1” on his YouTube channel, explaining his current situation along with his life goals.

In the same video, he announced that he was going to make vlogs - a whole lot of vlogs. Each one documenting every step of his journey until he eventually made it. And make he did! Just four years after the video, Farris is an internet sensation with millions of followers.

Brandon Farris’s Life Goal Has Always Been to Entertain the World

Along with showing his followers how he's living in the car and away from his family, Farris also made sure he shared his aims and goals. He mentioned that he has always wanted to entertain the world in one way or the other.

He, very enthusiastically, shared that he wants to someday be in movies and TV.  Similarly, his blog also mirrors the same sentiments regarding his aim to entertain the world.

“My goal has always been to entertain the world! My mission has always been to make people feel! I want to make you happy, sad, confused, angry, roll on the floor laughing! I want you to experience feeling through my comedy and acting!”

From Homeless To Finding A Home In Millions Of Hearts 

While the YouTuber hasn’t made it to movies and TV yet, he has certainly made millions of people worldwide feel with his funny videos and skits. Along the years, Farris hasn't been just relevant, but very consistent as well. This might be one of the reasons for his millions of followers.

Some of his most popular video series aside from his vlogs are eating challenges, 5-minute crafts, google translate, and Bob Ross paintings.

In an interview with ABC10, Farris joked that the secret to his success was eating spiders!

Farris Is Now A Family Man With His Girlfriend And Her Kid

Brandon Farris is currently dating Maria Gloria, an Instagram star who primarily focuses on beauty, fashion, and her family.

The two first met when both of them were working at a cafe in Alaska called Country Cafe. Farris was 22 at that time and was doing everything except cooking at the cafe. Gloria joined as a waitress later on when she was pregnant (at that time, she was married to a man who was also named Brandon).

The two got along very well as co-workers and grew into close friends. Later on, when Gloria moved to Maryland with her husband and daughter, she called Brandon to babysit her daughter Autumn.

Eventually, Gloria and her husband separated as their relationship got toxic. This led the Instagram star to move to California along with her daughter. Farris, however, stayed close to the family.

However, his life in LA was tough. But Gloria, being the good friend she was, took him in when he struggled financially. This led the pair to get closer than before, and Farris asked his long-time friend to be his girlfriend, and the rest is history.

Together, the two are living in as a wholesome family and doing a wonderful job parenting Autumn.