An entertaining personality, Brandon Farris creates humorous content on his YouTube channel and Instagram handle. His girlfriend, Maria Gloria, is also a YouTube star with over 443K subscribers on her YouTube channel. Although they stepped into the relationship realm after staying friends for a long time, the couple’s chemistry and compatibility is quite apparent in all of their videos.

In The Beginning

The adorable couple shared their love story with fans on the 21st episode of their podcast series, The Dooderverse. In the one hour, seventeen minutes long podcast, they explained both sides of their amusing story.

It all began when Gloria, who was already five months pregnant, moved to Alaska with her ex-husband. While driving around town with her then-husband, she saw a ‘help wanted’ to sign in a restaurant and immediately applied. 

She got the job as a waitress, and coincidentally, that was the same restaurant that Farris was working in. Both of them confessed that they hit it off immediately and became the best of friends. They both talked to each other every day as friends.

They remained in the ‘friend zone’ for over six years before becoming lovers.

Their Debut Videos on YouTube

Interestingly, Gloria started her YouTube career before Farris did.

In 2014, the comic made a living by selling Pokemon Cards on eBay and living with Gloria, her ex-husband, and their daughter, Autumn. The same year, Gloria started her YouTube journey with her makeup tutorials and some fun content for her fans.

Seeing someone pursue their passion pushes others, and that is precisely what happened. Not long after Gloria embarked on her YouTube career, Farris started his journey as a comic content creator for his own YouTube channel on April 8, 2014. 

Farris’ Unconditional Love for Autumn

Farris doesn’t shy away from featuring Autumn, Gloria’s daughter, in his Instagram posts. They seem to get along very well, given that he was her babysitter when she was just a year old. 

Even before they started dating, Farris would share adorable photos and videos of baby Autumn on his Instagram account. In one such instance, back in 2015, he shared a video of Autumn laughing hysterically at their labrador, with a flashlight in her hand. In their podcast episode about their love story, Farris mentioned it to be one of his favorite memories with Autumn. 

As beautiful as their bond is, Autumn is not the YouTuber's biological daughter. However, it is quite evident that he loves her unconditionally.

Farris' fans, who otherwise enjoy his humorous and funny content, poured their love and respect for the YouTuber and his relationship with Gloria's daughter.

One fan said, "The fact that he's not Autumn's real dad, but he's really her dad makes my heart happy. Brandon is such a good father to Autumn everyone should give him a round of applause."

Another fan of his was proud of Farris for learning infant CPR, and commented, "My little mom heart just completely melted when you said you watched videos about infant CPR. Call me weird, but I think that is pretty endearing. You might think of it as being clueless, but just the fact that you wanted to take that step and was so serious about it shows a lot about your character. Gloria, girl, you definitely landed a catch."