Aaron Pedersen, the star of famous TV shows such as Mystery Road (2018-2020) and City Homicide (2007-2010), was married to Sarah Bond. And Sarah was also close with Aaron’s brother, Vinnie.

However, is the Alice Springs native still married to Sarah Bond?

Is Sarah Bond still Aaron Pedersen’s Wife?

Aaron Pedersen has revealed very little about his romantic life. There have been a few interviews here and there where he has mentioned having a partner. But that’s all the information he has put out there.

In an interview report of The Age in February of 2009, it was mentioned that Aaron Pedersen shared a home with and was married to cinematic producer Sarah Bond at the time.


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Moreover, as reported by Aussie Celebs, in which they do not reveal the quote’s source, Pedersen also called Bond his partner. He also said that she had been in his and his family’s life for 13 years at the time.

I have my gorgeous partner who helps me, Sarah Bond, who’s been in our lives for 13 years.

Sarah Bond produced a Documentary About Aaron’s Brother With Disability

Aaron Pedersen was 13 years of age when he made a vow; the vow was always to take care of his brother, Vinnie.

And, it would have been easy for a 13-year-old to take care of his brother if things weren’t complicated. But the stakes were high. His brother, Vinnie Pedersen, who is just one year younger than him, has cerebral palsy and a mild intellectual disability.

Pedersen and Vinnie grew up in foster homes when they were young, jumping from one foster family to another. After that, they spent some part of their childhood in Alice Springs, where Vinnie lived with their grandmother before she passed away in 1997.



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Then, after they grew older, Vinnie started to live with Mum Frances—Sarah’s mother, and Pedersen’s then mother-in-law—as the actor was trying to carve a career in acting.

Aaron Pederson with partner Sarah Bond and brother Vinnie Pederson

Australian actor Aaron Pedersen (left) with partner Sarah Bond (right), and brother Vinnie Pedersen (middle). (Photo: Aussie Celebs)

In 2006, Bond even produced a documentary alongside director Steven McGregor named My Brother Vinnie about their life and how Aaron takes care of his brother. The documentary shows the strong bond between the brothers and shows how the two brothers remained together.

Are Aaron Pedersen and Sarah Bond still Married?

There is no information regarding what happened between Aaron and Sarah. It is almost certain that they were married at one point in time, going by his quotes in the documentary and the description from his interview with The Age.

However, neither Pedersen nor Bond have revealed whether they are still together or have gotten a divorce by now.

Information about Pedersen’s personal life before Bond is also rare and non-verifiable. The Australian actor’s IMDb bio claims that he was married to Lisa Serma from 1999 to 2000. However, the information could not be verified, and thus, we should take it with a grain of salt.