Ari Melber is an Emmy award-winning journalist, writer, and attorney best known for hosting The Beat with Ari Melber. He is also the Chief Legal Correspondent of MSNBC and an NBC News Legal Analyst.

He primarily reports on law and justice stories related to the Department of Justice, the FBI, and the Supreme Court.

While his job and career are public knowledge, many may still not know his ethnic roots and nationality.

Ari Melber Is From a Jewish Family

Born in Seattle to an Israeli father, Melber is an American Jew. He holds an American nationality.

As a Jew, he even contributed several articles to the Jewish newspaper, The Forwardduring the 2000s. Even recently, in 2019, he shared a meme made by the newspaper.

Meme by JD Forward (Photo: Ari Melber's Facebook)

Ari Melber's Grandparents are Holocaust Survivors

On top of having Israeli roots, Melber is also the grandson of Holocaust survivors.

According to his talks with Jewish Rhodes Island in 2019, Melber’s father wanted him to grow up as an American, and that the Diaspora community made him aware that he was a minority. Nevertheless, he said he could identify with other minorities by being a Jewish person himself.

“[My father] wanted us to grow up as Americans. Any Diaspora community makes you acutely aware that you are a minority. It also made me able to identify with other minorities.”

Melber Practiced Law Before Getting into Journalism

Melber is one of MSNBC’s most known faces. His reporting on the Supreme Court even earned him an Emmy Award in 2016.

Outside of MSNBC, his writings have been published by The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Atlantic. And with all his dedication over the years, Melber has established himself as a reliable and successful journalist.

However, before he got into Journalism, he was practicing law. Melber served as a legislative aide in the U.S. Senate after receiving a J.D. from Cornell Law School.

When talking to Jewish Journal in 2018, The Beat host shared his journey of transitioning from law to journalism. Initially, he appeared as a guest on several news channels, which made him think about mixing practicing law and writing with providing analysis on TV.

It eventually led to MSNBC, giving him an offer to join, and the rest is history.

Melber Incorporates Hip-Hop Lyrics on his Show

It’s quite common for Melber to use hip-hop lyrics on his show to explain political and legal scenarios.

During an interview with the Jewish Journal in 2018, The Beat host revealed that the practice originated because of his willingness to use any reference or analogy to make things accurate and precise. When he was in law school and the legal profession, it bothered him that lawyers would speak to each other in their exclusive language.

The use of hip-hop on his show also came to be because he wanted to simplify the overly complicated law and politics. Melber also says that rap lyrics have great wisdom in them, often about the criminal justice process, and he likes to tap into that wisdom.

Melber Shares Views on American Politics

Even outside of his job, Melber is very fervent about Politics.

So unsurprisingly, his social media is full of news and issues, specifically of American politics.

In November 2020, through his tweets, he denounced Donald Trump's statement about stopping the vote count of the 2020's presidential election. Melber emphasized repeatedly how the president's claims about winning the election were false and how it was a big problem.

Moreover, in December 2020, he criticized the republican parties' attempt to overturn the election. He wrote it couldn't be normalized how they were trying to ignore the indisputable loss.

In a nutshell, Melber speaks his mind on Americal Politics frequently through his social media handles.