Joy Reid, who became the host of The ReidOut on MSNBC in July 2020, has her personal and professional lives well balanced and thriving.

On the professional front, Reid's show is gaining record views and good ratings. And on the personal side of things, Reid has a happy family life. She has three children with her husband of more than two decades.

Who Is Joy Reid's Husband?

Joy Reid’s spouse is a film editor who has worked at the Discovery Channel. She married him on February 27, 1997.

Previously, the TV hostess went to Harvard University for her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in Visual and Environmental Studies from 1986 to 1991. And Jason, too, studied something similar. He went to the School of Visual Arts for his Bachelor in Arts degree in Film & Video Production.

Now, Jason, who has worked as a senior editor at Discovery Channel for more than 12 years, is the co-founder of ImageLab Media Group. He now also works as a Film Editor. Cheatsheet claims that both Jason and Joy co-owned the company—a fact cemented by her  LinkedIn.

A text section under her work experience at ImageLab reads, “Partner in Imagelab Media Group, the production company formed in January 2015 from the former Imagelab LLC.”

The source further revealed that the couple shared time at NBC as well. While it is true that they worked in the same parent company, NBC, they worked on separate projects. Joy worked as the managing editor and an on-air contributor at, whereas Jason worked as a freelance editor for Peacock Productions.


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And in these long years of being together, the pair have become parents to three kids. According to Cheatsheet, as of August 2020, their eldest kid is 22, the middle child is 21, and the youngest one is 19. Even though Joy has posted about her middle and youngest children in the past, one of her children's name remains a mystery. 

One of Joy Reid’s Children is an Aspiring Actor

Her middle child’s name is Jmar Reid. According to his Instagram bio, he is an actor/model in New York City. He has his own site, which he launched in October 2019 and is also on TikTok at Kinyemi.


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Similarly, her youngest kid’s name is Nasir Reid, whose middle name or his pet name must be ‘Mile’ or ‘Miles’ as his Instagram bio, as well as Joy’s comment on a mother’s day post suggests. The post from May 14, 2018 read, "Love you Miles!! So proud of the man you’re becoming."


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The kids’ grandmother and Joy’s step-mother Valrie Reid chimed in on the comments section as she gushed, “Two of my handsome grandson.” on a post from 23 June 2018.


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