Scottish Television personality Anita Manning started an auction business along with her daughter in 1989. But who is the father of her daughter?

The Glasgow native is best known as an expert and presenter on the BBC's television series Antiques Road Trip. She is the managing director and auctioneer of the auction house, The Great Western Auctions Ltd. in Glasgow.

Classy Levels: Anita Manning reveals all at the Antiques Roadshow held in Largs Scotland in 2008 (Published on December 10, 2008)

Anita used to love antiques as her father used to take her to auctions in her hometown from an early age. She ventured into the antique business after buying a bed from an Irish dealer in the 1970s. 

Anita Manning's Journey To  Auctioning Antiques

Anita was born on December 1, 1947, in Glasglow, Scotland. Her mother lived in Australia for 35 years and sadly passed away in 2014.

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After visiting Glasgow as a buyer, she ran a furniture business in England and Ireland for about three years. She used to drive a three-tonne truck for the transportation of the goods. By that time, she had already gained experience in the auction business.

Later, Anita went into the auction business with her daughter Lala and started an auction house, The Great Western Auctions Ltd., in 1989. The company has grown to be one of the famous auction houses in Scotland. The establishment has sold up to 5,000 lots of jewelry per annum and attracts consignments from every part of the U.K.

Anita serves in various positions of the company as a managing director, auctioneer and jewelry, pictures, and general valuator.

She started her auction work in the BBC network as a presenter of Bargain Hunt. She also hosted another show in the network, Flog It!. She has been the host of Antiques Road Trip for an extended period of time.

Anita Manning's Educational Tour To North Wales

As Bargain Hunt released its episodes for October 2018, they took the show to North Wales. Taking place at the Mona Showground in Anglesey, the episodes followed Anita Mannings and the contestants as they hunted for antiques hoping to find some auction treasures.

With merely £300 in their pockets, Anita went further afield in the region, taking the viewers on an Anglesey history lesson. She visited the Llynnon Mill on the outskirts of the Llanddeusant in the first episode of the month and spoke to assistant miller Ash Owen about agricultural tradition.

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She then spoke to gold prospector Vincent Thurkettle, whose 9-year-long efforts paid off when he found the largest gold nugget ever recorded. It was worth £50,000. 

Vincent also revealed how the nugget turned out to be part of a £120 million haul on the Royal Charter which sank off the coast of Anglesey in October 1859.

Anita was curious about how he felt to give up the thing he found. It turns out, Vincent wasn't feeling anything negative towards it as the gold was the property of the Crown, and he had already had the pleasure of finding it.

What is Anita Manning's Net worth? 

Her remarkable work in the show was setting a new record for earning the most significant profit on a single item in 2016. She purchased a Buddha statue for £50 and sold it for £3,800, where she made a gain of 7,500%.

When it comes to earning, Anita yields a remarkable income from multiple professional obligations. She derives an average salary of $53K per year as a television host. Moreover, she has accumulated a striking income from her auction house, contributing to her gigantic net worth.

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Despite a throng of fans questioning "Who is Anita Manning's husband?", Anita has kept the details of her married life and husband in the dark, but it is known that she is the mother of a daughter and a son.

Anita Manning's Daughter Lala Manning Well Known Despite Low Key Married Life

Anita has two children in the family, a daughter named Lala Manning and a son named Luke Manning. Her daughter accompanies her in her businesses as her partner, being the co-founder of The Great Western Auctions Ltd.

Hidden Well: Anita with visits Iceland with her daughter Lala in January 2012 (Photo:

As for her son, Luke currently resides in Hongkong, and she often visits the busy city to meet her son. As of now, she is enjoying a joyous life along with her children and is still indulging in auctions and her own side businesses.