Against all odds, Anderson Paak is today a successful rapper. But growing up, the Grammy Award winner had a tough childhood. His parents were struggling with their own personal issues, leaving Anderson without proper care. In fact, both of them served jail time leaving young Paak, most of the time alone, to fend for himself. 

This article will discuss the famous American singer's childhood circumstances while also shedding some light on his current family life.

Anderson Paak’s Father Battled Drug Abuse And Was Sent To Prison

Paak’s difficult childhood can, for the most part, be attributed to his father’s drug abuse, which led to several problems in the Paak household, including domestic violence. In a CBS This Morning interview, the 34-year-old singer opened up about a turbulent past surrounded by drug use and abuse. The multi-instrumentalist's father also served prison time.

My Pop battled with drug abuse, there was domestic abuse with my mom, and I saw a lot of craziness

In the same interview, the American songwriter bemoaned about not being able to develop a relationship with the old man. “He went off to jail… I never got to develop a relationship with him before he passed away."

His Mom Also Served Jail Time For Gambling

Unlike Anderson’s father, his mom was a breadwinner. She had built an organic strawberry business, but the farm was destroyed by El Nino. Distraught, the rapper's mom got into gambling and eventually served seven-and-a-half years of jail time for undeclared winnings. Anderson told Guardian that his mom’s arrest hit him quite hard:

My whole world was flipped upside down; I think that stayed with me. Everything is temporary, and you should appreciate it while you have it.

Anderson Loves His Mom With All His Heart

Despite serving prison time, the Grammy Award winner certainly does not hold any grudges against his mother. On the contrary, the talented artiste loves momma immensely. Anderson even bought her a house this past January, as per the Instagram post

From doing time with lifers and killers to a 5-bedroom hideout by the river. I love you mama

Anderson Has Tried His Best To Give His Children A Healthy Family

Having faced a turbulent childhood, the Oxnard-native makes it a point not to let his family go down that same rabbit hole. The SUEDE singer is married to Jaylyn Heyonce, a Korean UP church singer, and the couple has two children together.

Anderson frequently appears at events with family and posts about them on social media platforms. 

For someone who didn't get much time with his dad, the 34-year-old sees fatherhood as a continuous learning process. In an interview, Anderson said that everything he does is for the family and that the rapper is thankful towards his brilliant children for keeping him honest.