Being a mother is the proudest moment in the life of an American television personality Ainsley Earhardt. She had a long journey of patience to achieve "the greatest gift in her life."

The Spartanburg native is best known as the co-host of daily morning talk show Fox & Friends, which airs on Fox News Channel. Moreover, she is a reporter for the network's another talk program Hannity with her segment Ainsley Across America.

One-on-One: Ainley interviews US President Donald Trump as he speaks on Paul Manafort guilty charges, the Michael Cohen plea deal, and his frustrations with Attorney General Jeff Sessions (Published on 23 August 2018)

She has appeared in the various news program such as Fox's All-American New Year's Eve, and America's News Headquarters.

Ainsley Earhardt Heightened Her Career With Parents' Supports

Ainsley was born on 20 September 1976 as a young child in the family. She never forgets the hard works of her parents to raise her and regards them as amazing people in her life. She even dedicated her debut on Fox & Friends to her parents.

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She pursued her high school education from Spring Valley High School in 1995. She later went to the University of South Carolina, where she earned her bachelor's degree in journalism in 1999.

She started her career as the morning and noon anchor at the local CBS station WLTX-News 19 in 2000. For her remarkable work in WTLX, she was voted as the Best Personality of the Year in Columbia Metropolitan magazine.

She joined another CBC-affiliated KENS-TV in 2005, where she anchored morning and afternoon Eyewitness News in the channel. After working for two years, Ainsley joined Fox News Channel in 2007.

Ainsley Has Gone Through Broken Marriage

Ainsley faced a lot of ups and downs in her personal front. She was married to her college sweetheart Kevin McKinney in 2005. Nevertheless, the marriage did not work well, and in 2009 she got divorced with Kevin.

She then tied the knot with the former starting quarterback for the Clemson Tigers, Will Proctor, 34 on October 2012. The wedding was held at her husband, Will's hometown at the All Saints Episcopal Church in Winter Park, Florida. 

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The second marriage of Ainsley was going well until she faced an unexpected and crushing moment in her life. 

Ainsley Earhardt's Married Life; Season Of Patience For Daughter's Birth

Ainsley announced that she was five months pregnant in the episode of the show, Fox & Friends in June 2015. And in November that year, she gave birth to a new member of a family; a daughter named Hayden. She regards her daughter as the greatest gift.

She Has Arrived: Ainsley welcomes her new-born daughter, Hayden along with her husband in November 2015. (Photo: Ainsley Earnhardt's Twitter)

However, the birth of her daughter was after a long journey and patience as her first pregnancy ended in miscarriage. Ainsley felt despair knowing she was permanently separated from her child. After several trials, she finally fulfilled her wish to be a mother.

Ainsley wrote a book, Take Heart My Child, which was dedicated to her daughter. The book comprises of lyrical lullaby that inspires children to follow their dreams and passions. 

Ainsley Splits With Husband Of Six Years: Aims To Become Good Mother

It was on 9 October 2018 that Ainsley confirmed her separation from her husband, Will Proctor in a statement that indicated that she had parted ways with her companion after careful consideration.

Apparently, the couple had been trying to maintain their marriage for years following Will's affair with one of Ainsley's closest friends. While Ainsley is devastated by the separation, she has aimed to dedicate herself as a great mom to her daughter, Hayden.

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As a mother, Ainsley expressed her focus on parenting amidst the parting from her husband as she committed to doing what was best for her little girl. She followed up with the statement, pleading for privacy and prayers during the difficult time.

Despite the harsh time she is going through, Ainsley has promised to become a positive example to her daughter, saying that Hayden would be raised in a home where her mum would be happy with the person she is. 

Ainsley and Will have agreed with staying on good terms to maintain the best life for their daughter. This shows that the only obvious thing that is keeping them from destroying contact, is their common goal to give Hayden the same amount of love and happiness.