When Adam Conover came out of nowhere and made his beautiful girlfriend laugh her heart out with his witty sense of humor, she couldn't help but share an important place in her life for him. 

Adam Conover is a comedian who is quite known for throwing in his witty comments and ‘ruining’ common beliefs in his truTV show Adam Ruins Everything.

Nobody Knew That: Adam exposes some really grave truths about the Mount Rushmore being a monumentally disappointing landmark (Published on 2 August 2017)

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It was in 2002 when Adam attended Bard College and became an active member of the sketch comedy group, Olde English.

Adam Conover Didn't Choose To Follow Steps Of Parents Who Held High Education

Born on 2 March 1983, Adam Conover was raised in Wading River, New York. He is apparently the only one in his family who doesn’t have a Ph.D. His parents are highly educated as his father, David O. Conover is a marine biologist and his mother, Margaret Conover is a botanist.

And let’s not forget to mention that his younger sister, Emily holds a Ph.D. in particle physics who also happens to be a science reporter. 

Adam, age 35, may not have a Ph.D., but he sure does impress people with his humor. His career took a boost in 2012 when he began working for the comedy website, CollegeHumor as a sketch comedy writer.

When his witty and comical sense took his career to a certain height, Adam created the website that would become Adam Ruins Everything on TruTV. His show basically reveals untold facts about everyday services and dispels common misconceptions.

He also has voice-acted several characters in the animated BoJack Horseman Netflix series, also including A Ryan Seacrest-Type and Bradley Hitler-Smith. Considering all the contribution he has had over the comedy and entertainment industry; there’s no doubt that his net worth is calculated in millions.

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Adam Conover Is 'Gay' With His Wife-Like Girlfriend: Hasn't Seen Single Tag For Years

Adam hasn’t got the single tag for over nine years now, and why would he? He has been in quite a long-term relationship with his gorgeous girlfriend, Lisa Hanawalt. 

The comedian is absolutely 'gay' of how things have turned out in his favor concerning his affair with his wife-like girlfriend as they never get tired of showing off their adorable relationship to people.

In fact, Adam even took to Instagram and posted a picture suggesting how their nine years long relationship had been quite joyful for him.

Incoming Wife?: Adam posts a picture with his wife-like girlfriend after nine years of their dating life on Instagram (Photo: Adam Conover’s Instagram | 15 April 2018)

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And the two are pretty much perfect for each other, considering that Adam’s girlfriend is a humorist and illustrator. Well, Adam hasn’t quite opened up about the details of how they started their journey as lovers, but their cute gestures of showing adoration for each other is more than enough for the fans to digest.

The fact that the two have been together for over nine years has also piqued the fans’ assumption of Adam making Lisa his wife soon. And no one would be too surprised if they chose to walk down the aisle any time now. So, let’s hope we get to see the ring on Lisa’s finger one day.