Vanessa Villanueva's life has been a struggle, whether that be as a kid when she struggled to settle in the states following her move from Mexico to the US, or as an adult when she had to deal with divorce.

The Mexico native is more widely known around the world because of her relationship with Chris Perez, the guitarist in the famous band Selena y Los Dinos. She does have a brief history of working in the entertainment industry as in 2011 served as a crew member for the movie Memphis Rising: Elvis Returns. 

She was one of the unit electricians in the film and handled the camera and electrical department in the 2011 flick. Working through various American film and TV series, Vanessa has accumulated a modest net worth to support her living.

Vanessa Villanueva's Married Life With Chris Perez

It seems as if there are two parts in Vanessa's bio--before meeting Chris and After Chris. Her life before Chris has largely remained off the records and whatever that has been revealed about her has been after she met the famous guitarist.

Not just her family details and early life has remained hidden from the public eye but also information about her age, birthday and her parents have been missing from the Internet.

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It was her friend John Garza who introduced her to Chris Perez in 1996 and following their introduction; the duo started to meet frequently. After almost two years of their kinship, the duo formally started dating in 1998. 

And it took them three years to take their relationship further forward. It was 26 October 2001, when Vanessa Villanueva got married to Chris Perez.

Her Husband Chris Perez Was Previously Married To Selena Quintanilla-Pérez

Her husband Chris Perez, a famous American guitarist and songwriter, is best known for his guitar prowess and his work as the lead guitarist of Mexican band Selena. 

Before he married Venessa, he was in a relationship with Spanish singer Selena Quintanilla-Pérez from 2 April 1992 to 1995.  

A major shock came in Chris's life as his former wife Selena was murdered by her own manager Yolanda Saldívar on 31 March 1995. The emotionally fragile guitarist had lamentation of failing to save his ex-wife which got him into drug abuse.

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Three years after his life as a widower, Chris finally found a solution to his life; a relationship with Venessa. Before getting married in 2001, the pair had already welcomed their first daughter Cassie Pérez in January 1999.

Family: Venessa with her husband Chris and daughter Cassie posted in 2008 (Photo:

The couple also has a son, named Noah Pérez.

Well despite sharing a sense of togetherness for more than a decade, Chris and Venessa's love life took an unexpected U-Turn.

Decade-long Married Life Ends In Divorce

For Chris and Vanessa, the biggest problem in their marriage was someone who did not even exist. Chris couldn't forget his past despite getting all the love from Venessa.

The guitarist's previous wounds healed but the scars remained and as a result, he returned to his old habit of using drugs and alcohol, to move away from his haunted past.

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This brought subtle sadness in Venessa's life. However, after committing her life to Chris, she never gave up hope and tried to help Chris by all the means she could.

Despite all her care, and attention, Chris' obsession with Selena showed no signs of fading away. Rather, it renewed each and every day. Frustrated at how her efforts had all been in vain, she gave up and filed for divorce after six years of their married life in April 2008.

Following the divorce, Venessa recieved all of Chris's assets as a spousal provision.

What Are Venessa & Chris Up To Now?

Venessa, after her divorce, has proved herself a strong lady, moving on from the heartbreak and building a career as an actress. She has two movie credits, which came in 2011 and 2015, both after her split with her husband. 

Not just that, the actress who is now a single, is raising her two children as a single parent while also juggling between her career side by side. She has not disclosed plans of getting married anytime soon and seems to be content living single. 

Meanwhile, for Chris, he has still not been able to move from the death of his former wife, Selena. He has tried to soften the loss with a book, having written a biography called To Selena, With Love in 2012.  

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Despite having separated with Vanessa, he maintains a cordial relationship with his children and was last seen publically in a concert on 8 May 2016, where he shared stage together with his daughter Cassie Perez.