The idea of starting over from the bottom might seem impossible for most of the people born into privilege. In spite of being born into the family business, British Businessman Tej Lalvani had to start from the bottom and gradually ascend the hierarchy to reach where he is now and garner the net worth he has earned!

The British-native is the CEO of the UK’s largest vitamin company, Vitabiotics. He's also a television personality on BBC’s entrepreneurship-themed show Dragon’s Den. As one of the Dragons (investors) on the series, he along with other investors are presented with various idea pitches from entrepreneurs.

Dragon's Den: Watch Tej Lalvani and four other 'Dragons' listen to business pitches from up-and-coming entrepreneur on Dragon's Den episode (Published on 16 September 2018)

With the height of Vitabiotics, Tej is often termed as the 'Prince of Vitamins'. To find out how he reached there, here are some exciting wikis about him ranging from his difficult upbringing, his traditional wedding to his supportive wife.

1. Parents Separation At Early Age Toughened Tej Lalvani

On 13 July 1974, Tej was born to a scientist father, Prof. Katar Singh Lalvani and Miss India mother, Malathi Lalvani in India.

Separation of parents early in his age made him go back and forth between India and UK as his father was based in the UK and his mother in India.

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This experience, while not ideal for a young aged child, did toughen him for his future.

2. How Tej Lalvani Rose Through Ranks From Sticking Labels to CEO!

Tej has amassed the staggering net worth of £ 275 million (according to wiki), and that is only his personal net worth without counting how much his family owns.

As a label sticker and fork-lifter, he started working in his own father’s pharmaceutical company, Vitabiotics. But through his sheer work ethic, he went on to become the boss of the company. Although the company was already colossal, he took it to the ultimate height never even imagined before.

Since his ascendency into the CEO role, Vitabiotics has become the largest vitamin company in the UK with the annual turnover of £300 million (according to the wiki).

Apart from the huge personal and company net worth, Lalvani has been awarded numerous awards such as Young Entrepreneur of the Year in both Asian Business Award 2012 and TiE UK Awards 2013. His company, Vitabiotics, was also awarded Queen’s Award for Innovation in Vitamin Research in 2013.

3. Know About Tej Lalvani's Extravagant Wedding!

For a down to earth family like the Lalvanis, the wedding was a blatant flaunting of their financial affluence. 

In one of the grandest Indian-Punjabi wedding that the UK had ever seen, Tej graced the Central Gurudwara of London with his companion, Tara Ruby.

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Attending the ceremony were some of the high profile people from the UK and India with the likes of actress Ayesha Dharker, her poetess mother Imtiaz Dharker, Baroness Usha Prashar, former British high commissioner Lord Paul Boateng, and more.

4. Tej Lalvani's Wife: Woman Behind His Success

Tej and his wife, Tara have been running a small property business in London together ever since their wedding.

Posing With Wife: Tej Lalvani and his wife, Tara Lalvani (nee Ruby) appear in tender intimacy (Photo:

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With his immense success in business and a loving wife, Tej probably has achieved what most of us try to accomplish in our lifetime. That is not to say that he is going to stop; with his target of making Vitabiotics number one vitamin company in the world, he still has a long way to go.

We only wish him all the very best!