Fulfilling the family demands, raising children have always been a tough task for parents, especially for single parents. For Dr. Nina Gray, it was indeed a rough ride of motherhood. However, despite her teenage daughter causing some controversies growing up, Dr. Nina has always been supportive of her-- sometimes maybe a little too much!

The New York-native is the founder and CEO of Dental Plus California. She is also the associate of the National Association of Professional Women and the American Dental Association.

Parenthood: Dr. Nina Gray's daughter, Nicollette shares insights on her mother's daily life (Published on 17 Aug 2018)

The top LA award-winning doctor also served as the member of Advisory Board at Delta Entertainment Group.

Find Out Nina Gray's Net Worth & Salary!

As one of the renowned dental CEO's in California, Gray seems well-off financially.

According to payscale, dentist's payrolls range between the figure of $76,933 - $242,838. And Dr. Nina who has surpassed more than a decade in this field undoubtedly garners a handsome salary to nourish her net worth. Moreover, She also works as the developer of the Zoom teeth whitening system. And, working as the Chairman of Medical Advisory Board at Pearl Brite Concepts, Inc, definitely helps her add to her net worth.

She has been able to support her daughter's expensive lifestyle through her salary from her day job. And the good thing is her financial burden got diminished ever since the mother-daughter duo appeared on Dr. Phil.

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Likewise, her daughter, Nicollete also generates revenue from her self-titled Youtube channel, which has over 500k subscribers. According to Socialblade, her daughter, Nicolette Gray's YouTube channel's earnings estimates at $2.9K - $46.4K monthly and $34.8K - $556.3K yearly.  Both the mother-daughter duo earn a hefty sum and are believed to have a net worth in millions, with the exact figures undisclosed.

During Nina's 44th birthday on 23 August 2018, the mother-and-daughter spend $50,000 luxury vacation on Maui.

Nina Gray's Bio (Age)

Nina M. Gray was born on 23 August 1974.

She graduated from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts in 2001. She belongs to the class of 1997 in the University of California where she earned her BA in psychology.

Who Is Father Of Nina Gray's Two Kids, Husband?

It remains unknown whether Doctor Nina Gray is married (husband) or not. What's known is that she has two kids; daughters named Nicolette and Blair. However, the identity of their father and her speculative husband remains unrevealed.

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Her elder daughter, Nicolette, age 16, is a youtube sensation who vlogs about her luxurious lifestyle.

Nina Gray, Age 44, Admits To Spoiling Her Teenage Daughter

As a single mother, Nina never had the privilege of embracing her career development as she had to focus more on her children. Being a single woman, despite all the hardship, the only concerns for her were to give her children her unconditional love to make sure they don't feel the void of their father. 

Unfortunately for such a mother, her elder daughter, Nicolette- a self-proclaimed 'Beverly Hills brat-  took the wrong advantages of her motherly love; the same love that brought her up so well turned into the love that spoiled her. 

The blight teenager showed her dark side on Dr. Phil's Show (in May 2018) and shocked the whole world by blaming her mother which was the aftermath of YouTube vlogger's dispute with her mother for cutting her allowance to $1000 where, the Beverly Hills native, Nicolette insisted she needed to buy bags, shoes, and socialize with her friends.

From inappropriately pointing towards her mother cutting off her allowance to being heavily criticized for her dressing concerns and her 'attitude,' she's always made headlines for the wrong reasons.  

Raising Young Age Kids: Dr. Nina discusses how she spoiled her elder daughter on the Dr.Phil show (Published on 1 May 2018)

Having said that, although her unchanging attitude draws a lot of attention, she surprised everyone including her mother by showing her compassionate side when she stood up perfectly for the task to feed the homeless in Los Angeles on the Dr.Phil's show (May 2018).

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In response to her daughter's activities, Nina could do nothing more than raise back her allowance to $5000. The short cameo in LA may have shown the right side of her, but she still loves to revolve around her 'spoiled' side.

One prime example of it was during her 16th birthday when she publicly asked her mother to gift a G-Wagon car. Although she didn't even have a driver license, her mother bought her the damn car!. It was precisely when Nicollette started to proclaim herself as a 'Beverly Hills brat.'

It's undeniable about how much spoiled Nicolette is in spite of all the motherly love she gets. But it's all due to Nina's inability to more strict- parenting guilt- and is the aftermath of the void of a husband/father figure in her and her daughters' lives.

With that said, in all fairness, despite all the controversies, judging from the way how both Nina and Nicollette talk about her baby daddy- declining to comment on any husband queries in interviews or through a sarcastic post- it seems like the Gray family are better without him.

Bringing families together--- That's the power of almighty Dr. Phil!