Love gives you high, and love makes you sober.

If there is one person whose life can be related to this characteristic of love, then she is Mirtha Jung. Her love for her husband gave her the high, and her love for her daughter made her sober.

Mirtha Jung gained popularity as the ex-wife of drug lord George Jung. But the fame has done her no good except giving curious internet surfers an urge to explore her life.

Here are some wiki/facts about Mirtha Jung from her relationship with George Jung to her real life.

1. Mirtha Jung Bio: Age, Ethnicity, & Nationality

Mirtha Jung’s exact age is not on the record, but she is probably in her mid-sixties. While her actual age might be out of reach, it is certain she celebrates her birthday on December 3 every year. She was born as Mirtha Calderon and came from a Cuban heritage.

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There is a large information void in Mirtha's life. It's not just her date of birth that is unknown; her birthplace remains out of the public eye as well. She currently resides in the United States, irrespective of her birth nation, with the precise location private.

2. Married Life With George Jung Intoxicated Mirtha Jung

Sometimes, the feelings become too significant that one doesn’t even realize when they go from falling for someone to falling into the dark pit of the very someone’s influence.

Mirtha’s subconscious hibernated perhaps when she fell for the drug lord or else what on earth would let an aspiring independent young woman go crazy for the man who had been recognized as a drug lord and was responsible for 85% of drug smuggling in the 1970s and '80s.

Mirtha met George through one of his Columbian cocaine contacts when he was a Medellin Cartel smuggler.

The two hit it off real quick and decided to get married on March 22, 1997. They lived their married life in bliss. After about a year of tying the knot, they welcomed a daughter—Kristina Sunshine Jung, on August 1, 1978.

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As George Jung’s wife, it was less than likely that Mirtha would have stayed clean. The drug made her incapable of thinking the right thing as she couldn’t quit even after experiencing motherhood in the first year of marriage.

She became a part of the trafficking group alongside her husband and even served three years in prison.

3. Mirtha’s Daughter Changed Everything

Kristina Sunshine Jung was too innocent to have been born to parents worthy of imprisonment. She deserved better. And at one point, Mirtha realized this. Good for her that ever since the realization, she has not looked back. She moved on for the sake of her daughter.

Mirtha had enough of George and finally called it quits on her marriage after seven years on July 9, 1984. Her toxic relationship was doomed for good.

Kristina has enormous respect towards her mother, who cleaned herself and stayed sober in order to save her daughter. She expressed her gratitude through an Instagram post in 2017 on the occasion of Mirtha’s birthday. The post pictured her with her father while the mother was nowhere to be seen.

Father And Daughter: Mirtha Jung's daughter seems close to father George Jung. (Photo: celeb-gossip)

As hinted by Kristina, Mirtha is probably preparing to publish a book based on her real-life and has remained clean for 20 years now.

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As of now, Mirtha is living her life in privacy while her ex-husband has remarried. She lives in San Diago, away from the drug. Only a few people dare to quit the addiction and relive a sober life—those who do become inspirations. And Mirtha happens to be one of the select few.

4. What Is Mirtha Jung's Net Worth?

The Jung family drew enough attention that a movie was created based on their real life. The movie was titled Blow and was released in 2001, which starred Johnny Depp in the role of George Jung. 

There is no revelation of Mirtha’s net worth till 2018, but her ex- husband’s net worth is $10,000 while that of her daughter is $250,000.