English reality show host of motoring television program Mike Brewer is a phenomenal car dealer. He is best known for car restoring show Wheeler Dealers,  world-adventure car trading show Wheeler Dealers Trading Up, military-insight show Frontline Battle Machine, and other abundant shows with diverse ranges of concepts.  

Know About Mike Brewer Bio; Age, Height, & Edd China

The first thing you will observe when you see Mike Brewer is his rounded body shape. That is why he may look like someone with a discounted height. But he is 6 feet tall, 7 inches shorter than his former Wheelers Dealers' colleague Ed China.

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Garage revival host China left the show in  2017 after he and Mike had disagreements about the way they approached to run the show. After he left the show, Mike criticized Ed publicly, and the back-forth feud continued. Ultimately, Mike and Ed decided to remain friends and forget the past after all they had worked and bonded together for the past 13 years. Ed felt sad that Mike and his family got abusive and death threats from fans because of his surprising exit from the show,   

At present, Edd's role on Wheeler Dealers' is performed by talented Ant Anstead. 

One Of His Parents Was Already Car Expert

Initially, Mike had no interest in cars whatsoever, but being around his dad all that time and going to car shows him to grow and make it a profession. He was born on 28 August 1964 in Lambeth, England to parents of white ethnicity; Roger Wilks and Doreen Fitzgerald. His father was a car customizer who helped him to expand his know-how about cars.   

Is Mike Brewer Gay? Apparently, Its Most Asked Question

Gay queries regarding Mike Brewer probably rose because of his excellent on-screen chemistry with Ed China on Wheelers Dealers. They approached things differently on the show and had dissimilar presentation styles. But somehow they bonded well on the show and made it famous.

Because of the two working as the pillars of the show with their personal life less highlighted on-screen, fans should be forgiven to think that their two favorite cars loving people might have something going on between them behind the screen as well.

The point of the matter is Mike Brewer is not gay. He is happily married to his beautiful wife Michelle Brewer since the year 2002. The couple has a 23-year-old daughter Chloe Brewer who is a graduate.

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Married Life Is Important: Mike Brewer poses with his family; the most important aspect of his life besides cars (Photo: Mike Brewer's Instagram)

 Likewise, Ed China is married to Norway-born business executive, Imogen China, who was his longtime girlfriend.

What Is Mike Brewer's Net Worth?

Mike is known as a car genius for a reason. He has turned his baby, Wheelers Dealers, to a renowned money machine. The show has been running since 2003 and is the proof that Mike never gets tired of cars. His love for cars was the reason he ventured out to television. But he can't be just defined as a typical reality star. Even without the television factor, he is the owner of Mike Brewer Motors dealership. And if that wasn't enough, he has created the only award show for used car dealers in the UK. 

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Whether it be profiting from restoring old cars to cashing in from new cars, it is inevitable that Mike will make money from anything to do with cars. His estimated net worth is $5 million.

Besides cars, Mike has been pursuing his love for gadgets/machines and trying diverse shows such as Frontline Battle Machine, which gives you first-hand insights about the lives of soldiers and their pieces of equipment in Afghanistan's war zones.   

Brewer started his career as a car dealer and had the biggest and busiest  4*4 car dealership center in England. There, he imported cars from around the globe. He later ventured to television coincidentally after he found out that his friend was talking to a television producer. According to him, the friend called him and when he answered the phone, the friend shared about his chat with the television producer and the rest is history.