A self-made, multifarious businesswoman, Michelle Phan has come a long way from making make-up tutorials on her YouTube channel. Her bubbly videos helped her garner skyrocketing popularity back in 2007, and after over a decade, she's got more than a whopping 8.91 million subscribers.

Phan began her career at the age of 15 and rose to fame with her makeup tutorials on YouTube, but the renowned makeup artist's multi-millionaire net worth doesn't end there. Michelle Phan Net Worth

The 33-year-old makeup artist has built her own business empire, aside from her multi-millionaire net worth from YouTube. For Phan, no two workdays are the same since she is involved in a vast array of business. 

Much to her delight, the results have been nothing short of lucrative. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Phan has an estimated net worth of a whopping $50 million, but she didn't earn all that money from her YouTube career.


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Michelle Phan Has Multiple Income Streams

The Boston native, who was born to Vietnamese parents, has a slew of different ventures going simultaneously.

In addition to her YouTube channel and social medial accounts that require continual upkeep, Phan has more ventures in the pipeline, including FAWN (For All Woman's Network), a women's YouTube lifestyle network.


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She also had a cosmetics line in collaboration with L'Oreal. The YouTube beauty tutorial trailblazer also founded a beauty sampling service called Ipsy back in 2011, which she sold off later. She then marked her foray into the music biz with her own music label, Shift Music Group, in 2014.

Aside from these businesses that add to her net worth, Phan has a home located in the Brentwood area, L.A., that's worth nearly $5 million, according to Dirt.


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Building her brand further, she has written a book, Makeup: Your Life Guide to Beauty,Style and Success, built up several brand partnerships, made multiple appearances and launched her own projects.

With numerous business ventures, it is hardly surprising that Phan is worth a lot of money. It is also worth mentioning that her fortune continues to grow.


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Michelle Phan's Early Years

Phan is living her best life now, but things were not always the same. In an interview with Glamour, she revealed her childhood wasn't stable. The make-up guru's father would usually gamble away their rent money, which left them with no choice but to get evicted and move every few months.

After a big loss, her father didn't come home, and she didn't see him for more than a decade. If the pain of not having her father around wasn't enough, her mother's new husband turned out to be extremely possessive and ran the house like a dictator. 


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At 17, Phan decided to supplement her mom's income by working as a nail technician in a salon. They struggled even to pay rent and had no furniture, so she had to sleep on the floor.

Phan once revealed she was bullied in school, with other students yelling racist remarks at her. As a result, she got insecure about her race and nationality. 


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Phan's Romantic Life

In 2015, Phan took a 10-month long break from posting, leaving her fans high and dry. She made a comeback in 2017, and while she was gone, the rumor mill had already churned out all sorts of speculations surrounding her relationship status with her boyfriend Dominique Capraro and her career.

The YouTube sensation and her boyfriend looked inseparable a few years earlier. The pair didn't try to hide their relationship, made several appearances together in videos, answered questions, made a short movie, and posted their romantic moments on social media.


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Since her hiatus, details about her relationship with the Swiss model have been scarce. In a bid to keep her personal life out of public attention, she even stopped talking about it.

There aren't concrete answers to whether Phan and Capraro are still together — the last time Capraro was spotted on Phan's channel was in 2015, in a Q&A video dubbed "MishDom Q&A." As of now, she has remained tight-lipped about her relationship, and nobody knows if she has a husband or kids.