Unwanted pregnancy is never a good news, but American reality TV star Masika Kalysha decided to keep her daughter at the expense of her relationship with then-boyfriend and father of the said daughter.

Masika Kalysha came to fame with the VH1's popular reality TV franchise, Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood, a show that focuses on new artists trying to break into Hollywood and their personal and professional turmoil.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood: Watch Masika Kalysha in the leading role in the third season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood (Published 16 December 2016)

Masika is often times considered Twitter Warrior, because of her habit of coming back strongly, and with harsh words, to any criticisms directed at her.

Masika Kalysha Bio: Parents & Ethnicity

Born on 7 June 1985, in Chicago, Illinois, Masika Kalysha was raised with her siblings (a brother, and a sister) in the family of mixed ethnicity--African-European.

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Between her two parents, she was very close to her father. It was her father who recognized her as very befitting for the showbiz and encouraged her to go for a career in acting and modeling.

Masika Kalysha's Struggle To Break Into Showbiz Broke Her Into Showbiz

Masika’s career started with three independent singles, which gave her the first links in show business. Now known among few circles in the business, Masika gained a role in 7 Lives Exposed, a Playboy scripted series.

It wasn’t long before she landed herself the role that would define her career, as herself in the reality TV show ‘Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood’. The show chronicled her bumpy relationship with her then boyfriend and rapper, Fetty Wap.

Tumultuous Relationship With Fetty Wap, Decided To Raise Daughter Alone

During the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, Masika was involved with the rapper Fetty Wap. Their on-again-off-again relationship was one of the key attractions of the show. However, it went down the wrong rabbit hole when Masika got pregnant with Fetty’s child--and then decided to keep it.

Fetty, not being the greatest fan of Masika’s pregnancy denied responsibility, insinuating her to be cheating on him. The Twitter war that ensued between the lovebirds heated the showbiz world. Masika went as far as to claim that Fetty had tried to intentionally get her pregnant.

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In 2016 Masika finally gave birth to her daughter, Khari Barbie Maxwell. Although Masika and Fetty haven’t reconciled, they came together, forgetting their feud, during their daughter’s first birthday.

After Fetty: Relationship Details and Feud With Alexis Sky

The Masika-Fetty saga did not end even after they were separated. Fetty's new girlfriend came forward with accusing Fetty of cheating on her with Masika. Though the accusation was never proved Alexis and Fetty have since separated but have a child together.

On the other hand, Masika has been rumored to be dating quite a few people after Fetty. In 2017 she was rumored to be dating Tory Lanez, and the couple seemed to be comfortable together, but the true nature of their relationship was never revealed.

Later that year, she was dating NBA player Shabazz Muhammad, but the relationship couldn't even start properly because of Shabazz's unfaithfulness.

Birthday With New Boyfriend: Masika celebrating her birthday with family, friends and new boyfriend (Photo: vh1.com)

Very recently, however, Masika was seen celebrating her birthday with LA football star Geno Smith. Though more information is yet to come on the relationship, we are pretty much sure that Masika is taken for now.

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As of yet, Masika has had a tumultuous personal life, but now with daughter to care for she craves for smoothness and stability in her life. We only hope that she attains it sooner rather than later.