Trademark appearance with ‘Keep It Squatchy’ hat on his head -- James Bobo Fay is an  American television personality. He is popularly identified for starring in the Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot. It is a show which investigates potential evidence of Bigfoot, a hairy ape-like creature professedly living in the wildernesses of the United States and Canada.

He has also starred in documentaries like Operation Nightscream (2003) and Monsterquest (2007). Besides the TV show, he also works as a commercial fisherman.

James Bobo Fay’s Interest Towards Bigfoot Started From Early Age

The native of Manhattan Beach, California graced into this world on 6th April 1961. His interest in finding bigfoot started since the 1980s. In his teenage years, he became interested in surfing and used it to investigate Bigfoot sighting in faraway zones of the country.

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After college,  he took logging jobs to learn more about Bigfoot. He enhanced his knowledge on Bigfoot by taking on jobs such as building roads and commercially fishing in Northern California.

James Bobo Fay First Witnessed Sasquatch During Bigfoot Investigation In 2001

Finally, with his extensive study and approaches, he saw the first sasquatch during an investigation with veteran Bigfoot researcher John Freitas in 2001. After this, he has witnessed few glimpses of Bigfoot.  In 2011, driven by his passion he also got to star in the Animal Planet’s show Finding Bigfoot which got canceled in 2018.

Finding Bigfoot's James Bobo: James Bobo Fay appears on the show 'Conan on TBS'  and talks about Bigfoot and more (Photo: YouTube| 14 November 2012)

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While as of today, he makes a living as a commercial fisherman out of Eureka, California and collects dozens of local Bigfoot sighting reports each year. In November of 2018, he also participated on a Squatch Fest event at the West Coast.

Is James Bobo Fay’s Hair & Weight Loss Sign of Cancer?

Started off as a man with long hair and heavy weight on his show Finding Bigfoot; his viewers were left concerned when they noticed sudden changes in his appearance. The change being, a loss of hair and weight loss, the fan soon speculated him of having cancer.

Weight Loss: James Bobo Fay's picture comparison between then on the right and now on the left (Photo: The Celebs Info)

And thank god, the cancer rumors were nothing more than speculation. The reason behind his hair loss was that he shaved his hair because of the crazy trade winds blowing his face.

And the reason behind his weight loss was the cut-off of soda, candy, pizza, and baked goods with a regular hourly based exercise 4-6 days a week.

Discover James Bobo Fay’s Life Beyond Finding Bigfoot -- Married or Single Find Out

When it comes to this adventurous man’s romantic life seems like he’s still in the process of exploring love. Not many details or news has been there of his dating history and nor does it seem he is engaged with a lot of lovers.

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But on a tweet in 2012, he revealed that he once had a girlfriend who was from Fairfax. Besides that, there are no hints about his love life. And James, also cleared off his relationship status on a tweet in 2013 that he hasn’t been married to anyone yet. 

Well, looks like James is still single and satisfied with the love for his adventurous life!