With her perfectly toned body and figure, American fitness specialist and trainer, Jackie Warner, can attract young and gracious women even after her middle age, the fact that has been chronicled in Bravo Network's reality series Work Out.

The Ohio-native is one of the most known fitness trainers in the US. She owns and runs one of the nation's most reputed gym and was the part of the Bravo Network's workout themed reality show, Work Out. Recently, she also released a series of workout DVDs for people who can't come to her gym to stay fit at home.

Core Workout: In one of her workout videos, Jakie Warner teaches how to strengthen and tone the core with her own chosen sets of workout exercises(published 16 April 2018)

Jackie Warner has established herself to be one of the authority figures in fitness and health issues by now.

Her Bio Reveals She Was Athletic Since Early Age 

Born on 17 August 1968 in Fairborn, Ohio, Jackie Warner was an athlete from an early age.  While at school she played soccer, softball and horse riding, of which she is a lifelong enthusiast.

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After moving to California at the age of 18, Jackie worked as a model, actor, script-writer and most importantly personal trainer.

Jackie Warner's Alluring Measurements & Height

The fitness expert, who is not only concerned about her own workout and diet but also helps people get fit with an appropriate workout schedule and diet planning, has the spectacular body with perfectly toned abs and alluring figure measurements.

Jackie stands quite tall at the height of 5’ 7”.

Jackie's Net Worth From WorkOut

After successfully training some of her friends, Jackie was inspired to pursue fitness training as a profession. In 2004 she opened her own gym Sky, Sport & Spa, which then turned into one of the nation’s best health practices.

Her success was so noteworthy that she was drafted for Bravo Network’s reality show, Work Out, which followed Warner’s real-life routine as a fitness trainer and her romantic relationships. Though she was not drafted for the fourth season of the show, in spite of successful first three seasons, Bravo Network included her in 2010 for another of their fitness show, Thintervention with Jackie Warner.

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As of now, with her successful career in fitness and reality shows, Jackie has amassed a ginormous net worth of $ 10 million.

What Happened Between Lesbian Jackie & Girlfriend Milena?

One of the many perks of regular workout and healthy diet is a shapely body and the fact that it cloaks your age. Jackie has appropriately used that to her advantage, going for much younger women (Jackie is openly lesbian).

Throughout the three seasons of WorkOut, Jackie had four girlfriends (most of them many years younger than her), with all of whom she has since broken up. Most important of the girlfriends was Milenna Saraiva. The two had a bond that lasted even after their breakup; they are the best of friends even now.

Former Girlfriend, Current Best Friend: Jackie Warner and her ex-girlfriend Milenna Saraiva are still friends even long after the breakup (Photo: Jackie's Instagram)

Her stint with younger women, however, was disrupted after her breakup with her last girlfriend, Brianna. Jackie, who is now fifty years of age, decided not to have younger girlfriends anymore.

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Jackie might not want to date younger women anymore, but we don't know how she is going to tone down the natural charisma of hers that automatically attracts young women whether she wants it or not.