Doug Spedding is a businessman who got sued on multiple occasions for refusing to sign the forms necessary for a customer to register a vehicle and for stiffing his employees. However, both cases were eventually dismissed. He had lived a very stressful life as he had to face many obstacles throughout his career.

He was famous for being married to Christina El Moussa, the real estate investor and television personality who is well-known for co-hosting the HGTV series, Flip or Flop. They dated ten years ago before she was married to Tarek El Moussa. Although the information regarding their wedding is still a mystery, together, they have two children.

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Who Is Doug Spedding?

Doug Spedding is an auto dealer in the company named Orange County.

When it comes to his net worth, the average annual pay for an Auto Dealership Porter in the United States is $22,907 a year. As his job for many years was to work as an auto dealership porter, we can assume his net worth to be around a hundred thousands dollar.

But his personal life was not that successful in the past. The 55 years of age Doug was reported for not paying his employees' salaries. He was charged with possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia. Later on, he pleaded guilty to the drug possession and completed the required 18-month diversion program.

Doug also has a history of domestic violence and has been arrested multiple times. He has six children altogether from his multiple relationships to numerous women.

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Christina El Moussa Found Out Doug Spedding Cheating On Her

Doug has faced many ups and downs in his love life as well as his career.

The 33 years of age Christina caught the retired businessman, who is her husband, cheating on her. Doug Spedding cheated on his wife with his ex-girlfriend with whom he was rumored to be in a relationship for five years.

Wife:  Doug Spedding posing along with his wife Christina (Picture: dailymail)

Christina discovered that her husband was meeting his ex-girlfriend, Tracy Diaz behind her back and that he was doing drugs again. Moreover, she caught her husband red-handed when she saw text messages between Tracy and her husband.

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Soon, Christina dumped him and decided to split while Doug was sent back to rehab. He entered in-patient rehab for his addiction issues.

However, his decision to change his choices in life by quitting drugs brought the couple back together. Back in 2017, the couple decided to work things between them and be together again. Today, he lives with his wife and his twin daughter.