Tiffany Stewart, aged 50, came to the limelight when she started her relationship with American businessman and investor Mark Cuban.

Despite becoming the wife of a billionaire she tries to keep her children grounded; something that her middle-class upbringing brought out in her. Not just that, she is also using her resources to become active in philanthropic activities. 

Today, she and husband, Mark are not just enjoying the fruits of their labour but also lending a helping hand and having the time of their lives with their three children.

Tiffany Met Husband Mark Cuban At A Gym. Got Married Low-Key

Tiffany first met her husband, Mark Cuban, at a gym in Dallas, Texas in 1997 and subsequently started dating. As she was from a middle-class family background, it was difficult to adjust the lifestyle with Cuban as he was already an established businessman.

Despite their courtship, she continued to lead a normal life and drove her Honda to her advertising job. 

The relationship between Tiffany and Cuban attracted a lot of media attention, and their news often used to get a significant place in tabloids. 


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After dating for five years, she got married to Cuban at the age of 22 in 2002. The low-key wedding was held on a beach in Barbados, which was witnessed by only 20 close friends and family.

Initially, the couple faced a tough time being together as Cuban's multi-billion-dollar ventures meant that he was often out for vacations. Despite this, the couple managed to hold strong for 18 years and even have three adorable children to add to the family. 

Despite Husband’s Massive Net Worth, Tiffany Gives No Extravagant Lifestyle For Children

From the 18 years of their marriage, Tiffany and Cuban are the parents of three children. They have two daughters, Alexis Sofia (16) and Alyssa (13), and a 10-year old son, Jake. All of them are pursuing their school education at present.

Being a prominent businessman and investor, Cuban has accumulated a massive net worth of $4.2 billion. Tiffany resides with her husband and children in a lavish 24,000-square-foot mansion in the Preston Hollow area of Dallas, Texas.

Despite being on the list of 'billionaire families', Tiffany believes that their children have to be adults and have to carry their own weight. She emphasizes to provide instilling positive behavior into them.


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Tiffany, who is of a down-to-earth attitude, inspires them to be philanthropists like their parents. They do not bring tons of presents for the kids, trying to instill in them the feeling that they must be something themselves.

Moreover, she tries to keep her kids out of the public eye as much as possible.

In the spare time, the family gets together for low-key rituals, like Saturday morning breakfasts, dinners, and plenty of downtimes.

Like Her Billionaire Husband, Tiffany Is Also Involved In Philanthropic Activities

While Tiffany does tend to stay away from the media, by no means is she idle. Her 'Board of Trustees' position at Mavs Foundation keeps her rather busy. 

Mavs Foundation is a charitable organization that is run by the NBA basketball team, Dallas Mavericks, an NBA team that her husband owns. 


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Mavs Foundation has a rich history. For the past 24 years, they have donated over $5 million in funds to organizations that are serving women, children, and families in need. The Foundation has also helped several communities across the nation by building Learning Centers and Basketball courts across the nation. 

Tiffany's Husband, Mark Cuban Has The Midas Touch

Apart from being a successful businessman as owner of Dallas Mavericks, Cuban is also the co-owner of 2029 Entertainment and chairman of AXS-TV.

Cuban is one of the sharks in ABC television series Shark Tank. The show is basically about up and coming entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas to the investors and about investors, if the investors like the ideas, putting their money on them for a little share of the probable profit.

Moreover, Cuban has also published a book, How to Win at Sport of Business, talking about his own experiences as a businessman, involvement in the sports, as the owner of Dallas Mavericks, and how he gained his success.


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