One of the highly appreciated comedy series Wings ended in 1997, but people still remember the outstanding cast of the show, including the beautiful actress Crystal Bernard who played Helen Chappel. 

Bernard's impressive acting stints, combined with her stunning looks, had earned her massive fans, who still wonder if the actress is married.  

Crystal Bernard's Relationship Status

Since retiring from acting in 2008, she hasn't really been in the limelight. This has led to many fans asking, "what happened to Crystal Bernard?" 

She has stayed away from all social media and rarely uses Twitter. The actress is pretty private when it comes to her personal life.

Bernard was once in a relationship with the American television producer Tony Thomas.

While attending the premiere of the 2002 movie Road to Perdition, Bernard shared she knew Thomas for fifteen years. The pair had met while working for the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. 

Bernard revealed that Thomas was the one to make the first step in the relationship, and they had been dating for over two years. 

Their relationship, however, didn't last for long as Thomas married Ann Souder in 2005. 

Crystal Bernard's Opinion on Marriage

In the aforementioned interview, Bernard expressed her opinion on marriage when the interviewer asked if she had plans to marry. 

The Gideon actress opined that marriage was about only legalities and the assurance of financial support after the divorce. She doesn't feel the necessity of tying the knot when in love, which she said would only impede the relationship. 

Crystal Bernard's Acting and Singing Career

The Slumber star skyrocketed to fame with her acting stints in movies such as Young Doctors in Love, Grave Misconduct, and Welcome to Paradise.

She also sought a musical career just like her character in Wings, who dreamt of being a classical musician.

Bernard was interested in the musical field from a young age. She was influenced by her singer father, Dr. Jerry Wayne Bernard. 

She worked with contemporary artists in the '80s and '90s and garnered attention with her duet with Peter Cetera. Their song '(I Wanna Take) Forever Tonight,' became a contemporary hit after its release in 1995.

Following that, she released her first album, 'Girl Next Door' in 1996. Three years after, she dropped her second country album, 'Don't Touch Me There.'

The Texas native's older sister Robyn Bernard — who played Terry Brock in General Hospital — had also pursued country music while acting.