For American newspaper columnist Alexandra Petri a summer internship at The Washington Post served as a stepping stone to the successful career she has now gone o to forge. Her stay at the Post was equally fulfilling in her personal front as the internship also brought a special person in her life with whom she is stepping into a new journey in life.

Alexandra Petri is a writer, playwright, and humorist who works as a columnist for The Washington Post and also runs the ComPost blog for the paper.

Ted Talks: Alexandra Petri gives a Ted talk on how to speak like a woman (Published on 2 February 2016)

She is also the best selling author having authored A Field Guide to Awkward Silences (2015). Moreover, she has gone on to hit newer heights as a playwright, with her writing credit including plays such asThe Campsite Rule, a sex comedy which was premiered at the Capital Fringe Festival in 2013.

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She is also the brain behind the drama “To Tell My Story,” which premiered in July 2017 at the Silver Spring Black Box Theater.

She has also received several recognitions for incorporation of humor on her works including the National Press Club Angele Gingras Award for Humor Writing 2016 and Shorty Award 2016. She was also listed on Forbes 30 Under 30, and Fifty Funniest People Right Now by the Rolling Stone magazine.

Alexandra Petri Was Born To Family Of 'Overachievers' Who Motivated Her To Pursue Education

Alexandra A. Petri grew up as the only child of parents Tom Petri and Anna D. Neal at Georgetown, Washington D.C. She was 'an overachiever as a child as she grew up in a family of overachieving parents.' Her father was a Republican congressman, and her mother was a non-profit executive officer.

And her learned parents seeded the value of education early on her life and motivated her to gain degrees. Accordingly, she attended the National Cathedral school where she was actively involved in playwriting and also performed stand up comedies.

Alexandra Joined The Washington Post At Age Of 21 As Intern

Later, she joined Harvard University in 2010 pursuing a degree in English; specializing in classics.

Even after joining Harvard her love for comedy and humor did not show signs of abating. She joined  Harvard Stand Up Comedy Society and worked with the Hasty Pudding Club along with continuing writing for the Internet comedy series On Harvard Time and The Harvard Crimson.

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During her final year in Harvard, she received a summer internship at The Washington Post which eventually landed her a job of a columnist. With that, she also became the youngest person to have a column on The Washington Post.

She Met Her Future Husband At The Washington Post 

Her internship at The Washington Post opened the door for her career as a professional columnist and at the same time opened the door of love as she met someone exceptional.  

The Petrisdish blogger met Stephen Stromborg who is an editorial writer at The Washington Post, covering national policy and politics in 2009. At the time Alex was just an intern while Stephen was an established writer at the post. And even after she landed a contract at the Post in 2010 it was only after two full years of friendship they began dating.

In 2012 after Petri and Stromberg became colleagues they officially started dating. In an interview with The New York Times, Stromborg shared about their strong bond which turned into love:

“We struck up a really good friendship, while both of us sort of were pining after the other, and our friends got really bored hearing about the other person”

After this deep bond of friendship and dating, they took one more step to bring them closer and announced their engagement on Instagram with a selfie Stephen on 12 April 2017.

Engaged: Alexandra shares a picture of the moment she says YUP to Stephen (Photo: Alexandra Petri's Instagram| 13 April 2017)

They celebrated their engagement with close friends and relatives and also thanked the party organizer in an Instagram post with her boyfriend turned fiance.

Alexandra Petri Married Stephen At Age Of 30

And despite taking two years to start dating from being just friends to taking five years in elevating from girlfriend-boyfriend to fiancees, the couple did not take it too long to get married.

The loved-up couple tied the knot on 23 June 2018 at Christ Episcopal Church in Georgetown, Washington, where "The Rev. Timothy A.R. Cole" performed the ceremony. Alexandra was 30 at the time of her marriage, while her husband 35 years in age.

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And despite the couple providing zero updates and images from their wedding, or life after their union, it would not be an overstatement to say they have been living to the fullest.

Happy married life to the lovers!