For someone who made us laugh to the point of shedding the tears of mirth, Tichina Arnold didn’t always have a rose-paved life, at least not the love-life. Despite all those upheavals in her life, there has been an only constant in her life--her daughter.

Tichina is an American comedic actress, and star of the hit sitcoms like 'Martin' and 'Everybody Hates Chris'. She will be making an appearance in an upcoming drama film The Last Man in San Francisco.

Martin: Tichina as Pamela "Pam" James in her hit sitcom Martin (Published on 16 November 2013)

Although Tichina's comedic roles are more popular, her acting prowess goes beyond comedy and is a versatile actress who can nail a dramatic role as gracefully as a comedic role.

Tichina's Career: From Singing In The Church To Millionaire With Net Worth Of $2 Million

The actress who has maintained that her first love was music started singing in the church at the early age of 4 and then nabbed her first role in a play at the age of 8. Tichina’s acting career grew steadily and reached its peak by the year 1992 with the role of Pamela James, aka Pam, in the hit sitcom Martin.

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After winning people's hearts with her sharp wit and humor, she mesmerized the audience with her tragic portrayal of Lena Baker, a woman unjustly sentenced to death for the murder of her employer, in Hope and Redemption: The Lena Baker Story.

The 39 years old actress, as of now, boasts a net worth of $ 2 million.

Arnold-Sisters' Struggle against Lupus

The American national was born on 28 June 1969 to an African-American family. Her parents were both from the working class, with her mother a sanitation officer and her father a policeman. Her family also consisted of a sister, and in her childhood both the sisters had a torrid time, struggling with Lupus syndrome.

Tichina with her sister Zenay, who actually has Lupus, run the We Win Foundation, an organization trying to raise the awareness about lupus and help people fight and survive it. Lupus is a disease where the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks the healthy tissues.

Arnold-sisters: Zenay and Tichina pose in their signature style (Photo:

Tichina's sister, Zenay, is a lupus survivor, living with it for more than 11 years.

Unstable Love Life: Married Twice, Divorced Twice

In stark contrast to her professional life, her personal life is not something anybody else would want theirs to be. Tichina's marriage to Lamon Brewster, a professional boxer, early in her life went wrong in so many ways that the couple finally divorced after four years as husband and wife.

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After going through a series of a short-term relationship, Tichina found someone who she thought was 'the one' for her, Rico Hines, a basketball coach.

It didn’t take long for the bubble of delusion to burst, as Rico’s infidelity came into question repeatedly. Finally, after finding out that her husband had made a sex tape with another woman, Tichina immediately set her course right, filing for a divorce.

Tichina might have sighed a long breath of relief when she distanced herself from Rico and his infidelity, but she must also be pondering over yet another failed marriage.

Tichina's Daughter: A Constant Presence in Her Tumultuous Life

In spite of her constant failure in love life, Tichina can at least find solace in spending time with her daughter, Alijah Kai Haggins, as the two share their love of music.

Mother-Daughter Duet: Tichina sings with her daughter during a car ride (Published on 17 May 2017)

The daughter is probably the only good thing (apart from the lessons she learned) to have come out of her failed relationship with Charles Haggins (not one of her two ex-husbands).

New Boyfriend: Is He Going to be the New Husband?

These days Tichina is involved with Cedric Boswell, a heavyweight boxer from Michigan. But about the prospect of making him her third husband, Tichina has clearly said that it is not going to happen, as she doesn't wish to be married for the third time.

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Tichina has had quite a rocky ride up until now, and thus she might not want to go through the same road again, but she also won't shy away from trying to find happiness in spite of the dangers of pain.