People tend to swoon over the relationship of their favorite celebrities, but what if they don’t find anything to swoon over? Something like this happened with Susan Kelechi Watson’s fans. Susan’s real life was as mysterious as it could be for a world-famous celebrity. But then, the fans found her on-screen relationship to swoon over.

Susan Kelechi Watson is an American actress who plays Beth Pearson in NBC’s hit drama; This is Us.

Passionate With On-screen Husband: Watch Susan Kelechi Watson and her Imperfectly Perfect married life in This Is Us (Published on 9 October 2017)

Susan seems to be garnering both unwavering acclaims from critics and unfaltering love from fans for her latest appearance in This Is Us, that is the most an actor can ask for.

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Susan Kelechi Watson's Bio: Age, Height, Parents

The actress was born on 17 November 1980 to parents of Jamaican and Nigerian origin.

She studied in and gained her Bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Howard University, and later went on to gain her Master’s in Fine Arts from New York University Tisch School of Arts Graduate Acting Program.

Standing at 5 ft. 4inch (1.65 m), shorter than an average American woman, 37 years aged Susan’s acting prowess makes up for everything she might have lost because of her height.

Susan's Career: From Small Roles Here and There to World Fame

After appearing in smaller roles in few shows, she nabbed her first recurring role in 2004 on NBC’s crime drama The Third Watch as Emma St. Clair.

In 2012 she appeared in Louis CK’s comedy-drama Louie, in which she appeared for 12 episodes as Janet. The smaller roles she played provided her recognition enough to get her regular work but not enough for the incredibly talented actors like Susan.

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It was with NBC’s tear-jerker drama; This is Us, in which she plays a married woman, Beth Pearson, that she got the fame she deserved, worldwide recognition and large net worth (confined).

It was in this very show that Susan was paired with her on-reel husband, Randall Pearson (Sterling K. Brown).

Susan Kelechi Watson Is Happily Married On Screen.

The pairing of Sterling and Susan has a kind of chemistry so rarely found in on-screen pairs.

It is hard to put into words, but they seem to have a kind of bond that best-friends of years have: the adorable playfulness, the top-notch understanding, the beautiful intimacy, the unnoticeable comfort around each other.

Their chemistry as husband and wife is so incredible that it seems to be spilling out of the show into the real life. For instance, when Sterling was receiving his Emmy award, he addressed Susan and declared that they should continue like Martin and Gina (an inside joke, of course).

Susan even seems to be friend with Sterling’s real-life wife, Ryan Michelle Bath.

Married On TV and Satisfied: Susan Kelechi Watson shares an intimate on-screen moment with her "husband" in anticipation of the third season of This is Us (Photo: Susan Kelechi Watson's Instagram )

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With a life more secretive than James Bond's missions, Susan Kelechi and her TV husband's charisma on the show was paramount to keep the raving fans off her back, and she has delivered to it.

Content with watching Beth and Randall and their tight-knit family on TV, fans seem to be forgetting Susan's relatively unknown real life even at the age of 37—probably for the first time in history.