American actor Ross Marquand once spoke with eloquence about having to jump in the well so as to protect his girlfriend's prized possession, passed down to her from generations. So, is the actor who risked talked about risking his life for his girlfriend still dating her? Or has he already turned her to his wife? 

The Colorado native is a well-known face among the viewers of The Walking Dead. Besides, from his acting talents, his other unique skill set of being able to mimic other celebrities has made him an unmissable staple of Hollywood, esp the award shows and events. 

Ross Marquand: Ross Marquand of The Walking Dead doing impressions during 2017 interview with 'The Nighty Show' (Video: Published on Mar 2, 2017)

One particular role of the actor that stands out is his portrayal of Aaron in the hugely followed and critically acclaimed American apocalyptic horror TV Series ‘The Walking Dead.

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The actor's other prominent work includes his depiction of superhero Red Skull in Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War.

Here Is Ross Marquand’s Bio Featuring His Age, Early Life

The actor was born on August 22, 1981, on Fort Collins, Colorado. There is not much information about his parents and his childhood, but what remains known is he was interested in acting from a very early age.

At a tender age of nine, Ross made his foray into acting when he played a part in one of the church's play. Afterward, he enrolled himself on the Boy Scouts of America where he developed his impersonating skills.

He began to showcase his acting skills by participating in various theatre works while he was attending college at the University of Colorado. His most notable theatrics include Kill A Mockingbird and The Cherry Orchard.

Ross Marquand Stellar List Of Movies & TV Shows

After finishing college, he had only one thing in his mind, to pursue his dream of being an actor.

So, he moved to Los Angeles in search of opportunities. His talent did not go unnoticed as he was afforded a part in 2013 drama thriller Down and Dangerous. His acting skills in the movie were praised and one swiftly became many as he starred in one movie after another including Love Sick, Saturday Night Special, A lonely place.

The dashing actor's portrayal of legendary American actor Paul Newman on TV Show Mad Men under AMC’s production was his watershed moment which led him to his biggest gig till date. His biggest performance up to date, considering his career, is his role of Aaron on The Walking Dead, one of the best TV shows with zombies storyline.

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Ross is also a renowned voice impressionist having already lent his voice for games and productions like Conan. He can also impersonate popular celebrities like Brad Pitt, Matthew McConaughey, among others.

Ross Marquand Doing Impressions:  Ross' excellent impressions of various A-list Hollywood actors in the sets of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' (Video: Published on Mar 2, 2016)

The actor, aged 37, is believed to have a net worth of around $1 million dollars, thanks to his acting credentials.

Ross Supports Gender Equality & LGBT Representation But Is Not Gay 

Ross's biggest break of his fledgling acting career came with the role of Aaron, a fierce gay character in The Walking Dead. And the actor has nothing but praises for the writer of TWD, Robert Kirkman for diversifying characters and including gay characters in mainstream Hollywood.

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While talking with about his gay character on the show in October 2017 he sang praises of Robert saying:

"I love it. I think it's very important...I think that Robert Kirkman has done a really good job of including characters of all walks of life, as it should be because that's how life really is. It's a fair representation of how people are in the world. That every group is fully represented is very important to everyone on this show."

The TV show has been representing a gay character from season 4, staying true to the sexuality of the characters. Ross praised that concept showing his appreciation and support for equality irrespective of the background, skin color and sexuality. 

Furthermore, it's not just Robert who deserves credit for including a gay character, but also the actor himself because he has fully justified the character. Not just that, his naturalistic portrayal of a gay man in the Tv show has also brought him with a fresh wave of gay speculations. 

Is Ross Married? Who Is His Wife? 

And, the gay speculations seem to have been fanned by his privy personal life. 

Ross is somewhat conservative when it comes to his personal life, with very few insights into his girlfriend or his marital status. It was way back in 2012 when the actor did mention something about his mysterious girlfriend in a twitter post.

The actor talked about having to swim in a wishing well to protect her family heirloom.

Ross Has A Girlfriend?: Ross mentioning about his girlfriend in a tweet way back in 2012 (Photo: Ross's Twitter)

Still, it was a long time ago and he has never talked about his past relationships to the media. There are two possible justifications for his deed--one he is a bit shy considering his fame and the interest he generates among the public eye, or he has no one special, neither wife nor girlfriend to show.

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The handsome actor through his demeanor seems not to be married and is presumed to be single at the moment. Perhaps he is solely focused only on his career for now and waiting for the right one to walk ‘The Walk’ with him.