American actor Ross Marquand was about to lose all hope to make a living out of acting. But just then, he got his breakthrough role as Aaron, a gay character, in the American horror series, The Walking Dead(TWD).

Auditioned For A Different Role in TWD

A fan of The Walking Dead series since its Halloween 2010 debut, Marquand had always dreamt of working in the show. That's why he was over the moon when he landed a role of Aaron in the project. 

However, it wasn't the role of Aaron he first auditioned for. The actor had auditioned for Gareth. He taped a few takes and had returned home from the audition.

Around fifteen minutes later, the acting agent, Sharon Bialy, called him and asked if he would be free to come back immediately for another audition.

Hungry for opportunities, the Colorado native went back and auditioned for a character that needed to be whimsical, fun and, humorous — he didn't know he was auditioning for Aaron. A week after, he got a call saying that he booked the role.

Marquand started starring in The Walking Dead from its 6th season in 2015.

Booked High Budget Movies & TV Shows after the Big Break

Marquand got his passion for acting from a young age. It was the only profession he wanted to pursue after college. So he moved to Los Angeles in search of opportunities.

Thankfully, his talent did not go unnoticed as he got a part in a drama thriller Down and Dangerous in 2013. One after another, the celebrity impersonator got movies such as Love Sick, Saturday Night Special, and A lonely place.

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He even portrayed legendary American actor Paul Newman on the TV Show Mad Men under AMC’s production.

But the TV shows and movies weren't enough to push him to stardom; let alone fame, it wasn't ample to even pay his bills. Just then, his life changed for the better after auditioning for The Walking Dead. His recognition got widespread, and his financial condition bettered.

Adding to the growth, he played red skull in the Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. He also starred in TV series such as Invincible and Blockbuster: The Story of James Cameron. As per Celebrity Net Worth, the red skull actor has a net worth of $1 million.

Supports LGBTQ+ Representation

Marquand's most significant break of his fledgling acting career came with the role of Aaron, a fierce gay character in The Walking Dead. And the actor has nothing but praises for the writer of TWD, Robert Kirkman, for diversifying characters and including gay characters in mainstream Hollywood.

While talking with ComicBook about his gay character on the show in October 2017, he sang praises of Robert. He maintained that featuring characters of all walks of life was a bonus point for the TWD team.

I love it. I think it's very important...I think that Robert Kirkman has done a really good job of including characters of all walks of life, as it should be because that's how life really is. It's a fair representation of how people are in the world. That every group is fully represented is very important to everyone on this show.

The TV show has been representing a gay character from its early seasons. Ross supported the concept showing his appreciation and support for equality irrespective of background, skin color and sexuality.

Is Ross Marquand Married?

Marquand seems to prefer privacy regarding his personal lie. He has left no hints on his relationship status, be it his dating or married status.

The only time the voice impressionist has shared about his personal life was back in 2012 when he mentioned his girlfriend in a Twitter post. He disclosed that the most awkward thing he had done in his life was jumping in a wishing well to protect his girlfriend's prized possession, her family heirloom.

Since then, the American Dad actor has neither revealed his partner nor shed light on his relationship status.

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How Old is Ross Marquand?

The TWD actor was born on August 22, 1981, on Fort Collins, Colorado. He is 39 years old.

There is not much information about his parents and his childhood, but what remains known is he was interested in acting from a very early age.

At the tender age of nine, Ross made his foray into acting; he participated in one of the church's play. Afterward, he became a member of the Boy Scouts of America.

He began to showcase his acting skills by participating in various theatre works while attending college at the University of Colorado. His most notable theatrics include Kill A Mockingbird and The Cherry Orchard.