Being a neighbor of 'Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus' ( American traveling circus company billed as The Greatest Show on Earth), Paul Reubens had developed a prominent interest in comedy and acting from his early childhood. Appeared in a variety of plays in the local theatres from the age of 11, Paul is a comedy actor best known for playing the role of Pee-wee Herman in the 1985 film Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure and on the children's television show Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. He is also a blog writer for his website

His new show is Mosaic as of 2018.

Pee-Wee Herman's Blog: Paul Reubens a.k.a Pee Wee writes for his fans and admirers (Photo:

Paul Reubens is an American actor, writer, film producer, game show host, and comedian, known for his quirky, childlike comedic personality. He has been present on both the big screen and television since the 1980s.

He has appeared in films Mystery Men, Matilda and Blow to name a few. Also as the guest star on TV series 30 Rock, Pushing Daisies and The Blacklist. Playing eminent roles in more than 32 movies and appearing in more than 50 TV shows makes his net worth $5 million.

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Know Paul Reubens' Age & Troubled Family Life

Paul Reubens was born as Paul Rubenfeld on August 27, 1952, in Peekskill, New York to mother Judy, who was an elementary school teacher and father Milton Reubens, who was a civilian pilot flying The United States Air Force and Royal Air Force.

He attended the Sarasota High School as his family relocated to Sarasota, Florida. After that, he attended Boston University.

He was raised with a younger brother Luke who is a dog trainer and sister Abby who is an attorney. Reubens’ family was a bit of drama in itself as his parents and siblings tussled in an ugly family feud involving violent domestic disputes, assaults, and multiple arrests. They often called the police alleging each other for violence and abuse.

Find Out Why Paul Was Arrested Which Devastated His Personal Life

Children's entertainer Paul was accused of child pornography and obscenity which was the greatest heartbreak for him. His rising career faced a terrible setback in 1991 when he was arrested at a Florida adult theatre with the charges of indecent exposure.

He was charged with exposure of a sexual organ but got himself released from county jail after posting $219 bond. This caused Paul to face public ridicule which spoiled his clean image. His fans and supporters organized support rallies and his colleagues and directors also spoke in his support.

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Pee-Wee Convicted: Paul Reubens in booking mug shots from the Sarasota County Sheriff's department shown on July 29, 1991 ( Photo:

However, again after 11 years, he was charged with child pornography in 2002 as cops found materials in his home that appeared to depict kids in sex acts. He took the responsibility by calling a few images in the collection obscene and paid a $100 fine to make it end and resuscitate his acting career in 2004. 

Is Paul A Married Man Or A Gay?

Paul Reubens is definitely not a gay as he had himself mentioned in an interview with Vanity Fair that he got married in a "mock wedding" to Chandi Heffner in 1989, the adopted daughter of late heiress Doris Duke.

Moreover, he admitted that he dated American Actress and TV personality Debi Mazar from 1993 and her love helped him overcome the heartbreaks from his arrests. This evidence shows that Paul’s marriage with Chandi had ended up before 1993. But his love story again failed and Mazar married Gabriele Corcos in 2002.

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As of now, he seems to be an unmarried man without a wife as there is no any news of his marriage or link-ups since 2002.