There are people who are wary about disclosing their married or dating life, there are people who outright refuse to share their personal life, and then there are people like Gina Ravera. The American actress went so far as to remove herself from the social media to keep all her life secret.

The California-native is most famous for her role as Detective Irene Daniels in TNT's police procedural drama series, The Closer. Moreover, her portrayal of Cousin Faith in 1997 comedy-drama, Soul Food, was also highly commended by fans and critics alike.  

Arrow: Watch Gina Ravera as Lydia Casamento, a recurring role, in the sixth season of The CW's superhero drama, Arrow (Published on 12 May 2018)

Recently, she appeared on The CW's superhero series, Arrow.

Mysterious Early Life Of Gina Ravera: Age, Height & Family

The only thing that is known about Gina's life as a child is that she was born on 20 May 1966 in San Francisco, California to a family of African-American and Puerto Rican ancestry.

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And another little peek into the mystery that is Gina Ravera's life, she was trained as a classical dancer early in her age.

As per her appearance, Gina is a chubby woman with the medium height for her age.

Veil Of Mystery Is Lifted When It Comes To Career: Gina's Movies, TV Shows & Net Worth

While the rest of her life is hidden under the cloak, Gina's career is too large to fit into the cloak.

Gina started her career in the 90s when appeared in minor roles in the TV shows like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Melrose Place, and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

She appeared on a few films here and there, but her big break was George Tillman Jr. directed comedy, Soul Food. She also played a significant part in the 2007 biographical drama, The Great Debaters.

Her first significant TV show was Fox’s Time of Your Life. She later went on to star as Det. Irene Daniels in the TNT crime series, The Closer, a role for which she is most recognized. Her most recent venture has been on The CW superhero series Arrow.

With all her works, Gina must have amassed massive net worth, the exact sum of which is, again, mysterious.

Is Gina Ravera Married To Husband, Or Casually Dating? Mystery Is Back For Her Personal Life

The cloak of mystery had a little tear on Gina's career, but it gets way too thicker than normal for her personal life. Gina is so closed off about her personal space that she refrains from using Facebook and her Twitter account has also been inactive since 2015.

Before going all Sasquatch, however, Gina did once wish Valentine’s Day from her Twitter. It is possible that she was in a relationship at that time, perhaps married to a husband. However, nothing can be said for certain.

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At 52 years of age, Gina might or might not be married, might be in search of a husband or already found one, but either way, she has refused to share her life with the rest of the world. The reasons behind which we cannot fathom, but only know that they exist and respect them.