Tom Brady has a very high reputation when it comes to football. The quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the National Football League (NFL) has a powerful legacy with seven Super Bowl wins under his belt. 

Tom is not only an excellent quarterback but also a devoted son. While his parents, Tom Brady Sr. and Galynn, had COVID-19 in 2020, the quarterback couldn’t be with them physically. But that did not stop Tom from being there for his parents. He used to call them every day and be with them virtually. 

Brady Sr. and Galynn’s Experience With COVID-19

The couple had the worst experience with COVID-19 possible. They shared their horrible experience with Tampa Bay Times. 

The duo was diagnosed with the virus in September 2020, which led to Brady Sr. getting hospitalized for 18 days. He was also infected with pneumonia, which, combined with COVID-19, made it difficult for him to breathe. 

The hospital was pumping Brady Sr. with oxygen. If his lungs had not absorbed the oxygen, then he would have been put on a ventilator. Fortunately, the father of the quarterback didn’t have to go up to that extent. 

Nonetheless, he was scared that he would succumb to the virus. He was alone in the hospital since nobody was allowed to visit. He stayed in the hospital for almost three weeks and called the experience “harrowing.”


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While her husband was in the hospital, Galynn was also in a severe condition because of the virus. However, she did not need to go to the hospital and stayed with her daughters at home. 

She used to get daily updates about her husband via phone. The doctors used to call her and let her know that Brady Sr. is stable, but that was still unnerving to Galynn. 

Thankfully, she was not alone and had her children share the experience with her. Galynn gushed about her son and grandkids. She said that Tom considered his dad his hero and used to FaceTime him every day.

Her grandchildren were also supporting the duo in their own way. They made adorable posters for their grandfather, asking him not to give up. 


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The duo recovered from COVID-19 nicely; however, this wasn’t the only mishap Brady Sr. faced. He collapsed in his backyard and tore his knee and had to get surgery to heal it. 

The pair missed their son’s first two games in this year’s NFL season. However, on February 2021, they went to Tampa, Florida, to meet their son and grandchildren after a year. 

That’s one of the great benefits of this weekend for us, to be able to get together with our family that we haven’t been able to give hugs and kisses to for a year and root on the Buccaneers.

Where Do Tom Brady’s Parents Live?

Tom grew up in the upper-class neighborhood at Portola Drive in San Francisco. He grew up with his sisters — Nancy, Julie, and Maureen who are accomplished softball players. 

Interestingly, as of 2017, Brady Sr. and Galynn still live in the two-story home where they raised their kids. The house consists of four bedrooms and three bathrooms. The house was constructed in 1962, and the Brady’s bought the house in 1977, the year their youngest son, Tom, was born. 


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On April 20, the Brady parents celebrated their 52nd Wedding Anniversary with the entire family. The adorable family has stuck together through thick and thin. Brady Sr. and Galynn are strong survivors since Brady sr. beat pneumonia, COVID-19 and knee surgery, while Galynn beat COVID-19 and is also a breast cancer survivor.