Ma'Khia Bryant, a black teen, was shot dead by the Ohio police after being called to a house where a confrontation was taking place.

The killiling occured moments before the guilty verdict was reached over the murder of George Floyd, a case that brought global attention over the issue of violence inflicted upon Black people by the police.

James responded to the verdict with a single word, "ACCOUNTABILITY," and still fell victim to the right's conservative crticism. 


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The jury in the Derek Chauvin trial has found the former Minneapolis officer to be guilty of three charges in the death of George Floyd for second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

And of course, it comes off as no surprise that anyone who opposes the status quo, be it thrugh a mere tweet, is harshly denounced. Our beloved Lakers star is no exception to this neoliberal culture. James initially tweeted a photo on Tuesday, of the white police officer Nicholas Reardon, who is said to have killed Bryant. 

James also tweeted the message, “YOU’RE NEXT #ACCOUNTABILITY,” along with the photo; with an hourglass emoji symbolizing the long-awaited decline and fall of the systemic violence that the minorities have always faced. 

However, the NBA star deleted the tweet on Wednesday after receiving severe backlash from the coservatives and the republicans, who deemed his words as "dangerous and disgraceful."

Later, James clarified in a different tweet that he wasn't seeking to instigate violence, but rather accountability. He admitted to being rather furious with the system, which caused him to make the angry tweet that so many of his audience found to be inappropriate.

The truth is, like everyone else, he is also incredibly tired to see the death of black folks through the hands of very those who are supposed to protect them. 

James also says how his own words were being used against him, in order to create more conflict and segregation among the races. His words were not targeted to a single officer, but to a whole corrupted system, and people were offended by virtue of their own misinterpretations. 

Right around the time the tweet was deleted, the police also effectively released a bodycam footage of the shooting in which Bryant, who appeared to be holding a knife. She refused to comply when told to "get down," and ended up clashing with two other black girls her age, before the officer shot at her four times.

Further, the city authorities initially stated how Reardon intervened after someone from the house called 911, reporting that they were being threatened physically. He ended up shooting the 16 year old to death, in order to "save" another girl who Bryant was apparently on the verge of attacking.  

On a similar note, stars have taken to twitter and other social media to express their grief over Bryant's death, namely: Zendaya, Jada Pinkett Smith, Elaine Welteroth, Amanda Gorman, and Justin Bieber. Also, Beyoncé shared a photo of Bryant, who was in foster care at the time, to her own website, saying, "We mourn the young life of Ma'khia Bryant."  

Like all these celebrities, staying firm on the belief that the police shooting was wholly unethical and unjustified, James has been accused of channeling his inner Maxine Waters, by many republicans and conservatives alike.