Lamar Odom is a former professional NBA basketball player who made headlines after tying the knot with the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Khloé Kardashian.

In a recent interview with DJ Vlad, Odom spoke about his early years in Jamaica, Queens, and the pain he endured after losing his mother Cathy Mercer.


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His Early Life 

The basketball star was born in South Jamaica, Queens, and spent his initial years in the middle-class neighborhood. The area was turbulent and notorious for drug problems.

On the bright side, Queens was famous for its basketball and rap scene as well.

Speaking to DJ Vlad, Odom referred to his late mom as a lovely woman. He had a wonderful relationship with her and losing her was like losing his best friend. She fought a hard battle with cancer before she passed away.


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On the day of the tragedy, Odom played basketball for the entire night. He was only 12 back then. His grandmother took care of him after Mercer’s death. He feels blessed to have been raised by not one, but two mothers. 

Odom was not close to his dad while growing up, but they have an amicable relationship now. The father-son duo keeps in touch and chats regularly.


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Odom’s Addiction Led To His Divorce

Odom had a near-fatal experience in 2015 after his drug overdose. However, he is regretful about the incident and the toll it took on his marriage to Kardashian.

He was found unconscious in a brothel and was rushed to a hospital where he would undergo a lengthy treatment. 

He remembers the fateful night when he was lying next to two women before losing his consciousness. The player wanted to have a good time, but ended up in a hospital instead.  


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Odom’s marriage to his Kardashian was almost over — as was his basketball career. He played the last game of his NBA career in May 2013 and Kardashian filed for divorce later that year. 

Odom was too distracted by the drugs to make things right with his wife. It also led to the demise of his sports career a little too soon.

Odom was remorseful about indulging in several affairs with multiple women and cheating on his wife.


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Meanwhile, Kardashian took back her divorce petition so that her then-husband could recover from his coma and drug overdose. Odom felt blessed  to have her around him at that crucial time. 

He had little expectation from her or their marriage then. He once revealed they had not been intimate for many years. 

Kardashian eventually went ahead with the divorce petition after Odom was seen drinking in 2016.

She dated James Harden, the Rockets star. She was also in a relationship basketball star Tristan Thompson. The duo shares a daughter, True Thompson. Kardashian broke up with him after he allegedly cheated on her.